A house divided against itself cannot stand. 6.

against in a sentence Everyone in the office was against me for doing so. Many people were against the war and didn’t think we should be fighting overseas. 2. The back of my shoe is rubbing against my heel and giving me a blister.

If a house be divided Even though they claim to be against terrorism, some people still support hate groups like the KKK. 47 33 He pressed his face against the window and managed a forlorn goodbye wave. Save money against a rainy day.
In both medieval East and West, Constantine was presented as an ideal ruler, the standard against which any … Examples of Against in a sentence.

I take no side other than to be against hunger.


I lean against the wall. 1. 4. Against. 2. 207+79 sentence examples: 1.

There is no medicine against death.
He may use that against.

Against in a sentence. It is against my religion to cut my hair, so I avoid doing it. The Book warns against debt, and extols the douth of not going into debt, but does not forbid debt. 3. No fence against (for) ill fortune. 5.

A thud against my cheek. No fence against (an) ill fortune. We are with you, not against you. 3.

It is against the law to park here. All of my family members were against going on a cruise making me the only person who liked the idea.

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