Down in the coolness of his basement he taught the brothers the blues. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy The “decommissioned Mount Prospect police car” was purchased by Elwood Blues at an auction after he had traded his previous car for none other than a microphone. Resistance is futile. Working from an Aykroyd script that he winnowed down from a novelistic 300-plus page original draft, Landis follows the Blues brothers on a simple quest to save the Catholic orphanage where they were raised. There's no indication that Landis knows what the words "pace" or "mood" mean. As a band, The Blues Brothers were a mediocre act of cultural appropriation, but as a film, The Blues Brothers has the humility to defer to a who’s-who of black musical superstars: James Brown as the baptist preacher whose performance inspires Jake’s religious epiphany; Ray Charles as a music-store owner playing Shake a Tail Feather; Cab Calloway, as an old friend and father-figure to the Blues, warming up the crowd with Minnie the Moocher, and Aretha Franklin lighting up a soul food diner with a performance of Think. His politics became radical as well, and he became active in the anti-war movement. News and Entertainment from Australia's favourite youth publisher, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd decided to bring their famous. He explains how to do just about everything, from picking up women and choosing your friends to sticking up for yourself and: how not to apologize. As Landis and company decamped for Chicago and its suburbs, and proceeded to set fire to Universal Pictures’ money – on top of everything else, cocaine practically had its own trailer – The Blues Brothers looked like Heaven’s Gate for the new blockbuster era, leaving the 70s auteur renaissance choking on great plumes of car exhaust. It stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as "Joliet" Jake and Elwood Blues, characters developed from "The Blues Brothers" recurring musical sketch on the NBC variety series Saturday Night Live. Between the orphanage on one end of the film and the Palace Hotel show at the other, the film can take all the detours it pleases.

The Blues Brothers is a 1980 American musical comedy film directed by John Landis. Who do you think you are, the Beatles? The result of this was far more than a smash-hit musical comedy; it would bring attention back to the raw and all-consuming sounds of soul, rhythm, and blues. ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Alien’ actor Sir Ian Holm dies aged 88, Feast your ears on this techno ‘Blade Runner’ soundtrack, re-imagined by Jeff Mills. Wayne has recently worked with Kieron, Judy Belushi Pisano, and Anne Beatts (Saturday Night Live, Square Pegs) to write the pilot for an action/comedy/musical TV show based on the further adventures of Jake & Elwood Blues.

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