Your review has been posted. Kai and Jinora do battle with their insecurities and frustrations in this story, which features sexually graphic desciptions, mature themes, and explicit language. While there was a lot uncovered in the first season of Netflix's new teen drama, one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the series remains: Do Kiara and JJ get together on Outer Banks? "What in the world! While Kiara's kiss with Pope is certainly an indication the two could couple up, this doesn't mean they will stay that way. The longer they kissed, the closer they pushed themselves against each other. He was young, but fit; and his body showed it. "You know that my dad won't approve. His mind was filled with thoughts of Jinora, pleasing her, making her moan his name so loud that the very heavens would be deafened. I would find myself staring at him while he trained. Get out of that bed this instance!" The way she could describe it was just like that. When he was back at his dorm he collapsed onto the floor, removed his training clothes and trudged off to the bathroom. Kai happened to be one of these airbenders and said that he wanted to join. Right, right. Aang. "What?! © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. ", Kai smashed his lips to hers. ***OLDER KAINORA*** Kai and Jinora start to notice that each other are growing up and more intense feelings start to show. Korra said with excitement as Asami handed her the money. Now or never I thought. During training I would look at him while I trained another student, or when he was studying Air Nomad history, I would look at him, watch his arms and legs flex. Obviously Aang has better feats cause he's the protagonist of his show, but from what we can glean from the feats the other three has and lore, I'd say they can handle Aang. At the end of Season 1, many fans were crushed when Kiara kissed Pope. "Oh, we had a bet going that you and Kai would start dating before the end of the year!" Though the season had been hinting something like this would happen between the two of them (even after she turned him down, because "Pogues don't mack on Pogues"), lots of viewers were hoping JJ would be the one to end up with Kiara. Kai flopped onto his back, "Dear spirits. Not again! The awkward weeks came so fast. I could see his shoulder blades and muscles, the smooth skin was pecked with small scars from past injuries. Her hips got wider, her breast grew larger. We both turned towards each other and Kai lifted his hand to my face. Under Kai's sheets and nothing could be better. Aang wins. It was torture. How did she end up as an airbender instead of an earth bender? I couldn't resist, I just had to touch her. Aang. None of the LOK benders have good 1v1 feats and both Jinora and Kai have significant anti-feats. Basically, after John B. I don't know why people selling Jinora short. His abs showed clearly, a hard four-pack placed right above a sharp V-line. No! Face twisted with rage and she wasn't sure what he was going to do. "Uh… Kai? I pulled her back and forced her to lay down on the bed. "Really?" They broke only to take breath and there was no stopping in sight. It was a harmonious time indeed; spirit and man lived together, hand in hand as equals. You could argue that Jinora is actually more creative than Aang with Airbending, however she is outclassed in terms of powers. "Let's just get back to work.". Wait, Opal is Suyin's daughter, right? He pinned her to the bed, holding her wrist above her head. They rolled around, switching dominance as the session got more heated. "Listen, Master Tenzin, I love your daughter." Even my dad asked what was going on between them. She is only surpassed by Aang and Kyoshi and Korra and the other Avatars in Airbending.. She is by far the best Airbender in Korra besides Korra (I say that Korra is better ONLY in AS, not meaning not AS). I barged into his room, "Kai, we need to talk." Kai fell freely from the 15 foot post, where he miraculously slowed his descent with airbending. He doesn't feel the way I do! "I love you too Kai," Jinora kissed his cheek, forgetting that her father was watching them. We couldn't look at each other or even talk. Get out! im sorry if I accidentally offended someone. If this was s1 Aang it would be a good battle, eos Aang wins easily. I can't stop thinking about you either." Both of us had been sweating like crazy, our robes dirty and damp from all the work. he closed the door and sat down next to her on the bed. Kai pushed himself up on an elbow. Once again, they stood facing eachother, both not wearing any shirts. But hope is not all lost for shippers of Kiara and JJ. We stopped sitting next to each other and all I could think about was her. But I really do love Jinora. Jinora flipped them over so she now pinned Kai down, she held his head in place while she kissed him feverishly. Jinora! Can be played inside or outside; Equipment. Kai, wearing only loose pants, was feeling like he was getting the short end of the stick. He was a mischievous thief who was eventually caught by the Dai Li in Ba Sing Se for using airbending, but was later liberated from their control and went with Tenzin and the other new airbenders to train his skills and learn Air Nomad culture at the Northern Air Temple. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her closer. He sat up, coughing. Jinora is not enough of a carry to get her team a win, aang is just better at what they do and the number advantage isn't enough. But that's not what had fans so emotional; it was the fact that she asked if he told JJ specifically — not Pope or anyone else. I mean Jinora and Opal did create an army stopping tornado though that was a huge outlier. Tenzin giving Jinora her tatoo and claiming her master is not something i ever agreed with. Aang, it's hard for Jinora to carry the team on her own. I have known for a while that I love her, even though I haven't told her. ", I saw him start to lift his shirt up, so I did the same. She attacked quickly and sent waves of air to knock me down. However, something just wasn't right. The way I felt about him, I couldn't put it in words. And anyway we are just friends!" They were laying there, together. None of the LOK benders have good 1v1 feats and both Jinora and Kai have significant anti-feats. Aang wins Extreme-high diff morals on, morals off mid-diff , definitely not a stomp tho, jinora and the rest are very underrated. As for Kai… we are going to have a long talk." It's possible Kiara needs to try things about with Pope before she realized JJ was the one for her all along. "Yeah?" Oh my spirits, he felt the same way! After what seemed like forever, they broke apart. His speed was clearly indicative of the nervousness that he felt. As part of the Air Nation, he became a more honorable person, living to serve others by bringing peace and balance wherever possible. Kai sat on his bed, shirtless. No, not the one with Pope that had fans screaming at their screens. How, exactly, does this point to a potential JJ-Kiara paring? "That," Jinora was panting, "was amazing.". He's better than all of them combined. we aren't dating! He looked up at Jinora, partially blinded by the intense light of the sun streaming onto the courtyard of Air Temple Island. "Dad! A single event unfolds, and it seems nobody can help. When they finally settled to rest, Jinora could barely believe it.

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