"[44] Journalist Charlie Swinbourne, himself deaf, welcomed Ben's re-introduction for increasing high-profile deaf representation on television. EASTENDERS’ Callum looks set to be forced into grassing on Phil Mitchell to save boyfriend Ben from prison. [15] Questioned as to why he hurt Louise, Ben claims that Jordan is bullying him. Needing to confide in someone, Ben admits his crime to Ian; the confession contributes to Ian's mental breakdown, and amidst threats from Phil to stay silent, Ian absconds, leaving Phil and Ben searching for him to no avail. 16/10/2020 EastEnders spoilers follow. [63][64], EastEnders scriptwriters worked closely with the NSPCC on the storyline which saw Ben abused by his soon-to-be stepmother, Stella Crawford (Sophie Thompson). Metro's Lindsay branded them "soap's most exciting couple in years." He accompanies her on two return visits in 1999 before returning with her to South Africa in early 2000. [81] He described the kiss as a "moment of ecstasy" and Callum felt "wonderful" with Ben. It was confirmed that the truth would come out about Heather Trott's (Cheryl Fergison) murder which would ultimately lead to Ben's departure, but how the truth would be revealed was being closely kept under wraps by EastEnders bosses although they did say it will be the outcome everyone is hoping for. To give himself more time, Ben books tickets for Abi to visit a friend on holiday, and then tells Paul he loves him back.

Grace Dent of The Guardian wrote several negative opinion pieces on the character, and contacted the BBC with a list of suggestions for humorous storylines in which he could be killed off. Disgusted his son is gay, Phil pushes Ben away, terrified his homosexuality will ruin his reputation. Lisa O'Connell, also writing for The Guardian, was complimentary of Ben's later, protracted coming out storyline, which she called "a perfect foundation for years of dramatic conflict". Halfway continues to deny his attraction to men while Ben knows he is living a lie so Halfway proposes to Whitney and she agrees. McFadden described him as unable "to look after himself" when Ben was on the verge of being sent to a young offenders' institute. She also believed that Callum was ideal for a story about exploring sexuality. However, Luke later apologises. However, it is soon revealed Ben is planning to steal Phil's money and leave him broke and he makes Lola follow every instruction, causing him to get annoyed when she ignores him and ends up kissing Jay in The Queen Vic, however it's soon revealed Lola has a fiancé called Ewan. Ben later says a farewell to Jay, who leaves Walford shortly after Paul's funeral and Jay says that they will always be brothers. This week, he tried to get Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher) put away for good by getting Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) to plant stolen money in his car. Bowden believed that the most interesting story was about finding who Ben is "deep down". Ben gets drunk and goes into Paul's old bedroom where he confides in Callum about how Paul's murder affected him.
It is put into the charity shop and later is discovered by Shirley, who realises it is the murder weapon.

The next day, they both worry that the other wants a relationship but are relieved to realise they just see each other as friends. Jay and Ben decide to help each other move on from their problems, so Ben decides to let the police find the attackers. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. Denise Fox (Diane Parish) digs them up in Patrick Trueman's (Rudolph Walker) allotment and takes them to Ian, who calls the police before Ben convinces him that he found them on Good Friday in a bag in the Square and had no part in Lucy's murder. EastEnders: Callum Highway was given an ultimatum last night, EastEnders: Ben Mitchell was arrested last night, Strictly Come Dancing 2020: Jacqui Smith reveals secret tip from star, The Chase fans 'switch off' after 'disappointing' twist, Line of Duty season 6: H finally 'revealed' as creator shares photo, Piers Morgan rips into ‘shameful’ Boris Johnson for avoiding public, Line of Duty spoilers: Kate Fleming taken 'hostage' in season 6. EastEnders airs on BBC One Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. [32][33] Phil goes into a violent rampage, hitting Christian with a baseball bat, which prompts Ben to admit the truth. Paul's body is released, and Ben realises Jay has been using cocaine. Pasc… [101] After Jones' departure was announced, despite confirmation that the role would be recast, Ben became the favourite to be the next character killed off. DCI Jill Marsden (Sophie Stanton), who has been attempting to imprison Phil for over a decade, opens an investigation. Max told followers: "On Monday evening I lost my grandad to his battle with cancer.

Digital Spy now has a newsletter – sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. Callum later sees Frankie in Walford and asks her to talk to Ben about life as a deaf person; Ben initially rejects Frankie, but they soon form a friendship.

Jay sees them kissing, and tells Ben to admit to Abi that he loves Paul. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. Using the man's car registration number, he gets an address and demands a gun from Phil to seek revenge. Ben will do, but Phil... Phil Mitchell, that would make me very happy.". They end up kissing and start a sexual relationship, until Ben learns of Luke's family background when Willmott-Brown secretly visits Kathy, and Ben goes to visit Luke with the intention of confronting Willmott-Brown. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. Phil catches Ben and Paul half-naked together at the car lot, and angrily tells Ben to leave as he broke his trust, both in hiding his homosexuality and being loyal to Abi. On 14 May 2014, Digital Spy revealed Ben would be returning, with another recast later in the year. Ben's return was announced in May 2014 with actor Harry Reid in the role; Ben returned on 22 September 2014. [13][14] Phil worries Ben is copying Stella, and punches him when he catches Ben about to burn Louise again. Ben discovers he has chlamydia, and Abi also has it. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The gangster fled from Walford shortly after the Mitchells pocketed the money from his dodgy robbery. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).

The Mitchells represent the spirit of EastEnders – tough, loyal and uncompromising. However, a hungover Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), who on Christmas Eve had drunkenly fallen asleep in the back of the van Martin uses to kidnap Keanu, saves Keanu's life and helps Martin fake the recording of Keanu's "murder" later shown to Ben.
Express. ", "Coronation Street outclasses EastEnders", "Eastenders manic marry-go-round exposes weak plotlines", "Mitchell sisters tipped for live ep errors", "Bookies taking bets on Peggy 'Enders exit", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ben_Mitchell_(EastEnders)&oldid=984937413, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 00:13. Ben refuses to have any contact with anyone until he is released. But could Ben and Phil be in grave danger upon his return? A subsequent meeting convinces Phil that the best way forward is to fight Ellie in the courts for Raymond. When Phil is later sent to hospital and informed that he will be dead within 12 months unless he has a liver transplant, Ben, alongside Sharon and Jay, refuse to visit him, and Sharon has him change the locks on the house so Phil cannot enter when he is discharged. EastEnders will be airing these tense scenes next week. [81] Clay explained that there is "a massive contrast" between Ben and Callum but noted they shared some similarities and connections. Bowden told Kilkelly that the "most interesting thing" is exploring their family backgrounds with similar upbringings. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Jones was cast alongside Megan Jossa, who would play his cousin Courtney Mitchell. The scenes cost £1 million to produce and were filmed in Surrey over four days, partly in a specially designed stunt tank. With the offer on his mind, Callum hears potentially incriminating information when Phil (Steve McFadden) and his lawyer Ritchie Scott (Sian Webber) are discussing Ben's arrest. Ben is jealous of Jay initially but does develop a 'brotherly' relationship with him. EastEnders reveals Ben Mitchell's fate tonight, EastEnders reveals Ben Mitchell's evil plan, EastEnders reveals Sharon's fate over Mel's death, EastEnders' Phil confronts Callum after Ben arrest, EastEnders' Keanu and Ben have horrifying secret, EastEnders reveals Ben's exit aftermath in new pics. Willmott-Brown tells Ben that the sex was consensual and convinces him that he should doubt Kathy's honesty. Ben accidentally takes Luke's wallet and finds a business card with the words 'Project Dagmar', and confronts Luke about the project as the Dagmar was the bar that Willmott-Brown owned and Kathy worked in when he raped her. [...] It’s really exciting to be part of a storyline in EastEnders that grips people. Ben secretly witnesses Callum "Halfway" Highway (Tony Clay) attempting to harm himself in the playground. To see a man like Phil learn to deal with, and ultimately accept, his gay son, is a valid story for a drama like EastEnders to embark on. EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell set to exit Walford? Ben finds a solicitor's letter of Phil's that mentions Raymond and after confronting Phil, Phil tells Ben that Raymond is his half-brother. When the realisation of his infidelity occurs, Clay believed Callum feels ashamed for his treatment of Whitney. "[96] Dent later criticised a string of storylines which saw Ben endangered, from his abuse by Stella, to a car accident in which he almost drowned. EastEnders' Callum Highway gives Ben Mitchell shocking news over Ellie Nixon. What next for the troubled mini-Mitchell, asks Johnathon Hughes.

When the boat goes down, Ben hits his head and damages his hearing aid. Ben says that he is bigger now and will not back down easily.

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