The eternal hourglass of existence is turned over and over, and you with it, a grain of dust.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche, “Do you remember what you told me once? This analogy is built on the supposition that a large circle must be divided into "before" and "after" at the point at which a small circle (a "life" or a "soul") happens to be on it — like the division of the small circle into "before" and "after" during the life of man, with the condition that the direction from "before" to "after" must be the same in both cases. Therefore nothing changes in their lives save that success is attained ever more easily and ever more mechanically.

It is quite clear that the ordinary "human" understanding could not help developing hereditary castes. Time in the sense of before, now, after, is the product of our life, of our being, of our perception and, above all, of our thinking. But there is a great difference between the three-dimensional time of Brahma and the ordinary human one-dimensional time — the line of time which comes from an unknown past and disappears into an unknown future. These are first of all the striving for disinterested activity, then a very impatient sensation of the necessity for personal freedom and a rebellious attitude towards everything that impedes freedom of thought, word, or individual manifestation. People incapable of esoteric work also heard the teaching of the Gospels and naturally had to appropriate the tenets and principles of the Gospels and adapt them to their own understanding, to their own life, to the struggle against one another, to their crimes, and so on. But if we imagine that life is a wave, we shall get this figure: [Fig. That, since the Universe is accelerating its expansion, space will eventually expand so quickly that it will repeat the conditions of the Big Bang and start the whole thing all over again. The eternal recurrence is also mentioned in passing by the Devil in Part Four, Book XI, Chapter 9 of Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, which is another possible source that Nietzsche may have been drawing upon. Everything during the events of the game has been leading up to the conclusion of one of these cycles, but Shulk and his party are willing to put a stop to it. It is absolutely impossible for him to cry anything else or even to think of anything else. He will go on crying it through all the cycles of eternity. [11] However, Gustave Le Bon is not quoted anywhere in Nietzsche's manuscripts; and Auguste Blanqui was named only in 1883.

It is implied all universes and reality itself is merely the shape of another, higher being / force known only as Paradox Space, implicitly responsible for the settings, it keeps the Ultimate Evil sealed away in an alternate dimension, and every so often a team of four detectives and their, Galactus is the sole survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang, erasing everyone in it in the process except Discord, rebel against its fate and natural function, kind of hard to disagree that euthanizing it and letting something new be born from its ruins is really a bad thing, create a new world once all the enemies are dead, destroy the entire universe and humanity, and the fight will be over forever, this repetition has not sat well with many players, retreat to stellar habitats and remove all trace of themselves. In the conditions of three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time, plurality of existence is impossible. At no other time in history have theories had such power and such wide recognition as in our time. If we want to introduce the "Eternal Now", we must introduce another analogy. All these questions are well founded; but it is not difficult to answer them. Wikipedia shows a picture of the stone, and when I look at that stone, its pyramid shape, with the lake beyond, the mountains around, I wonder if it also became an inspiration for the opening of The Shining . A return to the source must be a movement against time, a movement not into the future, but into the past. But the analogy with an oak, a butterfly, or any other living being, while demonstrating correctly certain aspects of the evolution of man, obscures other sides of this evolution. The theosophical theory is that every man receives as much evil as he produces. There can be no change in the lives of these people either.

[8] The origin of this thought is dated by Nietzsche himself, via posthumous fragments, to August 1881, at Sils-Maria. It turns out that all along, the Gods were hoping to create a race strong enough to break the cycle by killing them. The quote above addresses one of his original constructs, the idea of life being in an eternal recurrence. A woman who could choose a stronger and better man, but gives herself to a weak or inferior man for some kind of external consideration, or because of an inner perversion or loss of a right valuation of her own feelings, commits the greatest crime against nature. The life of Prince Gautama, who became the Buddha, i.e., the Enlightened One, is not a drama in the same sense as the life of Christ or, at least, as the three last years of the life of Christ — though in Buddhism the life of Buddha has become a myth from which also no single feature can be omitted and no word left out. Then the same causes will create the same effects; and as a result there will be a room somewhere, exactly like that in which I am sitting, and in that room a man exactly like me with an exactly similar pen will write what I am writing now.

A man may be perfectly justified in asking: "If such a tremendous phenomenon as the repetition of lives really exists, why do we know nothing of it, why do we not remember more? Humanity has no right to dream of a beautiful and bright future while it drags behind it such a trail of evil and crime which is automatically renewed. Nor yet that he should offer himself often, as the high priest entereth into the holy place every year with blood of others; It is very difficult to accept the idea of the absolute and inevitable repetition of everything. Our scientific systems based on facts are as deficient as the facts themselves. I am interested in the final result of the styling. Only by moving against the current of the river, against the current of time. All this together gave a very interesting picture. ]; and all of them, without exception, lead to the ultimate catastrophe. It must be noted that the Epistle to the Hebrews is ascribed to certain other authors as well as to the Apostle Paul, and really there is no definite information on this question. In the further development of Christianity, esoteric Christianity became a school for training actors for this drama. But as evolution means escaping from the wheel of the fifth dimension and passing into the spiral of the sixth dimension, recollection has importance only when it bears an active character in a certain definite direction — when it creates discontent with what exists and a longing for new ways. What else can a man cry who has cried "crucify him"? You have been mine before— The origin of the idea of reincarnation as it is expounded in modern theosophy is open to argument.

Christian teachings speak of the possibility of a future life, that is, of life beyond the grave, but they do not speak of life before birth. In an unequal marriage, the lower brings the higher down to his own level. The way of measuring time, for all, by means of such phenomena as the apparent or real movement of the Sun or the Moon, is comprehensible and practically convenient. Very often the idea of one or another action, situation, or relation is regarded as being contained in the preceding words. It seems to us that if we were to remember at least something, we should be able to avoid some of the most unpleasant things. But apart from such events, their whole life is strictly ordered and organised on a plan. The producer of the drama of Christ could rely on the unconscious rôles as surely as he could rely on the scenery of Judea, on customs, on feast-days, and the like. As soon as we let our attention relax, as soon as we leave some of these lines and pass to others, or to the imaginary whole, they immediately become curves again and thus destroy the entire picture of the whole. His was a brilliant mind, but as far as I am aware he does not offer a supporting argument for the notion proposed. The possibilities of altering external events are very small; but they must exist. That is the principle. This might give unexpected results of a very useful character, opening up new possibilities for a large number of people.

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