In the spring of 1957 the division became the 25th Guards Motor Rifle Division, and on 17 November 1964 it was renumbered as the 23rd Guards Motor Rifle Division. Thanx for the corrections - went back through my entire database on the Guards Mortar Regiments, and can add the following: Casamansa: the former Portuguese colony that fights for independence. From late September 1943 to March 1944 the corps operated in the 61ast or 65th Armies of the Belorussian Front, trying to enlarge the penetration south of Gomel. The Corps was assigned by the Soviet Southwestern Front to break through German lines at Debaltsevo near the city and cut German communications. This also prevents you from downloading attachments and seeing some of our specialized sub-forums. We must fight a world war against the Martians!! [5] On the night of February 8, 1943, the Corps accomplished this and by February 14 the raid had been so successful that the whole corps was raised to Guards status. My grandfathers WW2 memoirs - Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, 1944-1945.,, On the question of "2 mil. Something went wrong. [9][10] The 14th and 16th Divisions were reduced to the 98th and 99th Guards Mechanized Regiments, respectively. After receiving its Guards designations the corps withdrew from behind German lines through snowstorms. Immediately upon forming the 8th Cavalry Corps was assigned to the Bryansk Front. After a week of dodging German patrols the Corps slipped back through Soviet lines, having disrupted the rear areas and movement of most of a Panzer Corps. Postwar, the army headquarters became Soviet airborne headquarters. Vietnam In October it moved south and was assigned to the 5th Tank Army in November for Operation Uranus. Thanks for the help. Books, Contact Us Lieutenant General Pavel Korzun took command. On 23 May 1953, the 4th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment became the 122nd Guards Mechanized Regiment. check out the, You are currently viewing our forums as a. The Art of Battle I had suspected they were a dead-end evolution in the Guards Mortar units. The 203rd Guards Motor Rifle Regiment was at Nadvirna, and the 205th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment was at Ivano-Frankivsk. In January 1991 the division became the 857th Military Equipment Storage Base, and in the next month was taken over by Ukraine. On 14 July 1944 Operation Bagration began with the Corps advancing with the 2nd Tank Army,. [11] In the spring of that year the 31st Guards became part of the 4th Army. Russian Army - WW2 The 8th Cavalry Corps was created on 18 January 1942 at Tula. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. From Ukraine. The front line stabilized and the corps was on the defensive from 8 August 1944 to 7 January 1945. In April the corps was rebuilt: The Corps completed its reorganization in June 1942. By the end of March 1942 the ski battalions and the 52nd Cavalry Division were gone. 25.02.1943 — 20.03.1943 Richard Ivanovich Golovanovsky. The 18th Separate Guards Motorcycle Battalion became a reconnaissance battalion. Actually it's for a scenario covering Aug-Nov 1942 with similar format as my other Leningrad scenario: The 'Heavy' Guards Mortar units were originally formed starting in mid-1942 as Separate Battalions, each 3 batteries of 32 4-rocket frame launchers each. Order No. Transferred to the new Southern Front (the former Stalingrad Front), the army took part in the Salsk-Rostov Offensive as part of the 4th Ukrainian Front. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The 79th Separate Motorcycle Battalion was converted into a reconnaissance battalion. This artillery provided a preparation which suppressed most of the German weapons before the Battalion's attack. In various books like Sharp's and Zaloga's I can only find what the battalions and later brigades looked like. The Journal of Soviet Military Studies, Vol. History Podcast 21st Guards Mortar Regiment 1068th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment (2nd Anti-aircraft Artillery Division) 258th Engineer Battalion 827th Engineer Battalion. [1] Lieutenant General Pavel Korzun took command. The group consisted of: This group advanced over 400 km from the center of the 1st Belorussian front to the Oder River in just 17 days. In January 1944 the 1897th SU Regiment was replaced by the 1816th SU Regiment (Su-76s), which remained in the Corps until the end of the war. Between March and May 1943 the corps was reinforced and rebuilt in the Southwestern Front. Assigned to the 61st Army on 19 September 1943 the corps had added the 1897th SU Regiment (SU-76s) and the 7th Guards Mortar Regiment (120mm mortars). This allows you to read, but not participate in our discussions. Civil War Times The 7th Guards Cavalry Corps of the Soviet Union's Red Army was a cavalry corps active during the Second World War. The corps' 15th Guards Cavalry Division was converted into the 12th Guards Mechanized Division and transferred to another unit. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Only for the "normal" Guards Mortars are units of regimental size mentioned. It was initially composed of the Attached to the Corps was: During 1943, on January 30 from the area of the Seversky Donets river the Corps went over to the offensive in the direction of Voroshilovgrad (now Lugansk) as part of the 3rd Guards Army under the command of lieutenant general Dmitry Lelyushenko, where it was engaged in furious fighting on the approaches to the city. When the Vistula-Oder offensive started in January 1945 the 1st Belorussian Front formed the Konstantinov Cavalry-Mechanized Group under the 7th Guards Cavalry Commander, Lieutenant General Mikhail Konstantinov. [6] It completed this most difficult raid on the rear areas of enemy, distracting significant forces of enemy from reinforcing the frontline units. Mil. This page was generated at 08:06. 78 of the Commissariat of the Defense of the USSR dated 14 February 1943 the corps was redesignated the 7th Guards Cavalry Corps. !” DVG’s “War of the Worlds France, Japan and the United Kingdom” Game Review, If this is your first visit, be sure to Registration is free and painless and requires absolutely no personal information other than a valid email address. During the raid the corps also included the 148th Mortar Regiment, the 263d Separate Cavalry Artillery Battalion, and the 8th Separate Antitank Artillery Battalion. тмп) in the latter half of 1942? In April and May 1945 the Group advanced as part of the Berlin Strategic Operation operating independently weeping north of the city to seize Brandenburg and then continuing on to meet advancing units of the US 9th Army. War College [7] The Corps sustained very heavy losses breaking out of the encirclement, but the enemy also sustained losses in manpower and material which were essential for reinforcement of the forward units.[8]. World War II, ACG Magazine Customs services and international tracking provided. Also, the Chemical Defence Company was formed. Achtung Panzer! [3] 13th Separate Signals Battalion, and 23rd signals air-flight. America's Civil War The group then turned north into Pomerania, where it spent two months clearing the flanks of the Soviet penetration of German lines. The attack was supported by the 49th Guards Artillery Regiment's 1st Battalion, a battery of regimental artillery, a company of 120mm mortars, and a battery from the antitank artillery regiment. The 226th Guards Mortar Regiment and separate howitzer artillery battalion were combined into the 843rd Guards Artillery Regiment. In July it went into battle with Bryansk Front against the northern flank of the German summer offensive. Aviation History Meet Our Staff The corps sent north to join the Steppe Front in the STAVKA Reserves in June consisting of: The Corps was not committed in the first part of the summer offensive after Kursk, remaining in STAVKA reserves until September.

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