• Pharsa There are a lot more heroes to that you can and can't counter but I just couldn't find the time to list all of them. • Uranus • Barats • Minsitthar • Hanzo • Selena • Freya • Zhask Guinevere himself has a beautiful and graceful face. • Lunox • Helcurt • Bane This hero has considerable physical and magical damage and has a deadly skill combo. • Hanzo Athena Asamiya’s skin is a skin that can be obtained at KOF events. • Valir • Balmond • Alice But every time when Lancelot thinks of his little sister's magic experiment, he would wear a bitter smile. Then choose "Mystery Shop" talent, for a 10% discount on buying equipment. • Faramis It is said that the Paxley nobles who have a very high magical status have proposed marriage to the Baroque family. Guinevere Overview. • Balmond • Saber • Hilda Guinevere is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who is included in the role fighter hybrid mage. Skill 1 / Energy Wave: She releases an energy orb that deals damage to enemies in line and slowing them. Lotus is Guinevere’s skin that you can get if you become a starlight member. This guide will help you in your upcoming matches. • Zhask, Angela • Aldous • Dyrroth • Hilda This hero has considerable physical and magical damage and has a deadly skill combo. • Benedetta • Gusion • Harley • Rafaela, Miya Catching someone off-guard can do as well using the combo: And that should be very helpful. • Vexana • Nana • Ling • Lolita Therefore. Alias: How to Use Mobile Legends Guinevere Skill 3 – Violet Requiem. After this skill hits the target (will also work when hitting minions and monsters) it will reduced all her skill's cooldown by 1 second. This skin has a great look with Guinevere wearing a purple outfit making it even more elegant. Race: • Khufra She's got mobility so you can do twice just with your skill and leaving a puppet there to add some confusion. • Dyrroth • Leomord Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Guinevere/Lesley (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) Guinevere (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) Lesley (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) Mobile Legends Guide: Hi newbies, I am TheUgandanNoob and I am a Guinevere main. Guinevere is a fighter hero that specializes in burst and magic damage. • Barats • Selena, Akai • Kagura • Odette • Cecilion No matter how Lancelot hides, he will be found by his sister. Since Guinevere is better on top lane, go there immediately. You need push or your team will find you useless, but also be careful when you push. • Rafaela Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Aside from that it also says that if an enemy is knocked up, the damage will be increased by 20% and finally it says that you also recover like 10% of your HP.

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