Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But I stuck with the coffee and read the paper. It covers a couple of acres. Weaknesses – bread and the things you put on bread. This was back when I lived in a neighborhood of two-bedroom, one-bath houses, and most people in that subdivision had a dog, and one of these dogs that lived near my house was bad. My wife and I were at Top Water last week. Question # 4: What about snakes and quail? She was trying to coax a couple of young dogs into that pickup. This actress has officially changed her name -. I am curious. I sit here involuntarily twitching my shoulders (and not in a suggestive way) thinking about chiggers. Living in the Texas Panhandle I guess I assumed chiggers didn’t exist there either (like the South Plains), but they do, but mainly in the breaks below the caprock. He never barked until he left home. I guess not. Nobody had seen him. Have a good weekend also. We didn’t see much in the way of flowers or birds so at Brownwood we headed over to Dublin & took State 6 back via Waco, College Station, Hempstead & home. The Topwater Grill is not a place to lose weight. Hilary Duff Is Pregnant, Expecting Third Child - See the Announcement!

Wild plums were ripe and in my travel around the area I happened upon a plum thicket laden with ripe plums in a ravine besides the rural highway. He was short-haired, bowlegged and black with a white chest. We did it. Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Voting Photos, Has a Message for People Voting for Kanye West, North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un's Wife Has Been Missing for MONTHS, About Photo #4420374: Joey King hits the red carpet while attending the opening night of Cirque du Soleil's first ever sports-inspired show Volta on Tuesday night (January 21) at Dodger…Read More Here. Leon’s experience with chiggers is better than mine, when I was about 6 my Mom and us three kids spent a month or so with her sister, my Aunt Laverne and her husband, Uncle Artie at Jacksboro, TX.

I seem to be stuck at a 35 lb loss. I will admit donuts are a special weakness of mine. I made my office mate feel so bad about her donut this morning that she threw it out after taking one bite . ( Log Out /  My passion is training people underrepresented in tech for high growth careers as software engineers. I wrote that first one this AM about all the goings and eating and posted it (I thought). Saturday AM we left early to go to a soccer game (grandson) at the Circuit America facility near the airport, then met our youngest and his wife for lunch (BBQ) & spent the night in Georgetown. Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

I have seen a return of red harvester ants & the long fast lizards with the stripes. Not sure how I did that without gaining most of it back.

His name was Nero. It might be the altitude or the sandy soil or something, but I never had experienced being unable to be outside and experiencing unending chigger torment. Took off early headed to your part of the world even though the Muleshoe NWR told me the cranes had not arrived (but there were ducks). I am curious. Joey King, Tiffany Haddish, & More Check Out Cirque du Soleil's Volta Opening Night in L.A.: Photo #4420374.

Red bugs (chiggers, that is) are having a successful season here at Winedale. (Since fire ants arrived.) The boy was in the driveway, bouncing a rubber ball, looking happy and healthy. She had a sermon to preach about animal dumpers.

I own property in east Washington Co. Shobel’s German Restaurant in Columbus, the Hungry Hunter breakfast in Llano, and the best chili rellenos ever at the El Camino in Tulia) I guess I’m surprised I made it at all. I own property in east Washington Co. We would throw shoes at him. I have not been bothered by seed ticks, other ticks, or chiggers in years. “They’ve been dumped,” she said. The best such thicket I have ever seen is on FM 485 from Hearne to US 77.

Is there a statute of limitations on dognapping? “In a couple of days the kid will forget about that dog.”. I'm not sure Virgo Libra. As soon as school was out, Dad took us to her sister for some much needed help and semi-rest. Not sure how my comment came in with that icon and the double PH Larr handle. Watch HaleLeon's most popular clips from today, this week, this month and the all-time best! Leon Hale                                                                                                                                                October 5. Managing Director of Engineering @ Resilient Coders. I have not been bothered by seed ticks, other ticks, or chiggers in years. Horned frogs have not returned.

When Nero’s people were out of town for a weekend, we woke that scoundrel up. Late night hunger has also got to be ignored until it finally goes away. I loved them sauted or grilled in olive oil but when I watched a film of one solving complicated problems, I quit. I always thought the story had a pretty fair ending so, if you’ll listen, I’ll get this confession into the record. That is always a nice route. I edited it to include the rellenos and posted it. If so, maybe by now I am safe to tell the story because it happened more than 30 years ago. (No, I don’t have a Cadillac but that is where I bought my Ford, used, and they gave me the first oil change free.). ... I’m starting to twitch all over and better change the subject– so, On the eighth day of the eighth month, lets us now praise famous molluscs: October 8th is World Octopus Day! Octopi are super smart, They are also great food, but since I learned how smart they are I no longer eat them. They disappeared along with horn frogs after the fire ants showed up. I have seen a return of red harvester ants & the long fast lizards with the stripes.

That night I slept in peace, and it was wonderful. Saying “It’s bread, soaked in grease and coated in sugar,” kind of ruined it for her. We called and called the name of that hateful barking dog that had cost us all those hours of sleep. Quail are now rare in my area. We’d hear that the child was not eating, not sleeping. I see some double posts including my last one. Blake Lively Reveals the Unusual 'Cake' Ryan Reynolds Wanted for His Birthday! Running A Free Web Dev Bootcamp for those affected by the pandemic! enhances online obituaries with Guest Books, funeral home information, and florist links. She had special names for them. You and your wife are on the road as much as we are. I posted it from my iPhone and was told that it couldn’t be posted. I had a good sized box and proceeded to fill it with wild plums, envisioning that wonderful wild plum jelly my sweet wife would make. Repeated complaints to Nero’s family were just words thrown to the wind. In the north of England midges (no-see-ums) sting you invisibly, and the stings cause welts, and the welts can get infected and the scars stay for years on arms, legs, and on the scalp. ( Log Out /  Question # 1: Have you seen a return of chiggers & ticks? I need to eat more soup, but I’m tired of soup although I had soup twice last week. The fire ants have done a good job on chiggers & ticks, especially seed ticks on my property.

And the quail & snake population has dropped, due to what I believe is the fir ant invasion. | views my own Took my car to the Cadillac dealership yesterday to get an oil change. It's me Frankie Grande, star of stage, screen & STREAM! The next day, late in the afternoon, I drove by the house where Nero lived and he was snoring on the front lawn. Back home that night, I didn’t sleep so well.

Twitch Makes A Movie (TV Series 2019– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Understand he slept all day, resting, so he could bark all night. Shobel’s German Restaurant in Columbus, and the Hungry Hunter breakfast in Llano) I guess I’m surprised I made it at all. Well, I promised myself I would also post my weight loss results with you all. He was a premie, not in good health and my Mom was in poor health and exhausted from having to care for him, along with my sister and I. Next Post Leon Hale’s FB post of 10/14/2017. you mean, I can be crazy. If I behave myself between now and Thanksgiving, I might make that 30 lb ideal goal. Every night. By the time I paid the Dr. for the office call and the shot, along with the pharmacy for the Rx, the plum jelly became a bit expensive. Not a week passes without somebody dumps a dog in this park.”. Leon is in far west Washington Co. I wouldn’t even know how to spell them. Seek it out for admiration and inspiration.

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