Reported and convicted rape does not happen without jail time. He was with his son in California during DWTS. If he is not married, he can hang out with any one he wants to.

To Prudy…Get your facts straight before you comment. BROTHER(S): Not available: SISTER(S): Not available: Education: Hines E. Ward, Jr. attended Georgia.

How would your life hold up under scrutiny? How old is she Melissa? When Hines Ward was given one of the highest accolades in American football, the trials his Korean mother faced over the years and the bitterness she felt seemed to melt away in an instant. I have a question. He also acted in one chapter of the TV series “The Walking Dead”, and is currently an analyst for NBC’s sports program “Football Night in America”. Hines is a great guy, I am a litte surprised that he and his wife are divorced/seperated, as I have read before that they where High School sweethearts, which obviously means they have been together for sometime. Hines your a great Dancer and an AWESOME Steeler…I love my Steelers. I AM A HUGE STEELER FAN BUT IT GOING TO BE A HUGE VOID ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD WITHOUT HIM. He was trapped by a police officer driving under the influence of alcohol.

Private life means private…just because Hines is a Steeler and was on the DWTS show..does not mean that word “private” changes meanings. Though I do not agree with divorce or being unfaithful if he was it is none of our business that is between Heinz and God.

He just won the Mirror Ball Trophy and he truly deserved to win it! Disappointed that he would even live like this. I wish him and his family much happiness. BR625, regarding your comment,Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color. He created the Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation investing 1 million dollar on this endeavor.

Now that I’ve got spell-check out of my system, I find it interesting that on on the Bio page there is no personal information.

Your email address will not be published. I don’t even like football.

Kym is a beautiful woman, BUT if he and Simone could patch things up, I would so be for that. Despite being born in Korea, he grew up in Atlanta. On July 9, 2011 he got arrested in DeKalb County, Georgia. I think he seems like a man of character. A grown man with a good heart and a good soul wouldn’t take adult issues out on innocent babies. By using you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Because they were both children of mixed race backgrounds, they formed the Hines Ward helping Hands foundation in Korea. Nothing like taking yourself to the lowest level. However, “not guilty” and “innocent” are two entirely different things. I think Hines is looking for love, its going to get him in trouble if hes not careful. Hines is a class act on DWTS, leave hin alone! He is also a caring individual. But we did this time. They live in Atlanta and Jayden goes to school there. I respect him for wanting to keep his personal life “personal”.
Hines Ward father’s name is Hines Ward Sr. and mother Kim Young He. When u have money people give you power everyone in your corner saying yes yes yes which makes it easy to make mistakes but he has a good hurt so I’m sure God has his back. Idiot.

i feel sorry for his family. Seen all the routines and I agree that Hines Ward topped all the previous dancers. You go Hines…you are awesome and loved by many!!!

What’s done in the dark, ALWAYS comes to light.

You go my cousin!!!!!

But Simone is so much more than hines ex wife no one never knew who she was because she wanted that. The Hottest Wives and Girlfriends in Sports. Hines is a stand-up guy with a giant career and even bigger reputation, mostly on the field. I beg your pardon. Besides being a Pro at the NFL, Hines ward has appeared on TV shows and films. t. Hines ex wife Simone rather make a name for herself an they do have a son. While I do not condone hanging out with porn stars especially if he is married, it’s not quite the same as raping two women.

Your a Steeler–show some respect and decency. Did Hines proposed to his dance partner? He seems to really love his family. But when Ward was named Most Valuable Player in the Super Bowl after his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, laid waste to the Seattle Seahawks, Kim Young-hee (59) was calm and collected. That is a close chapter in his life, but I bet we are still . I mean look at alot of the forums would any of you want your kids or kid reading some of the comments or being part of them? he’s starting to get into trouble. I wish he and his ex-wife could get back together. I LIVE IN ALASKA AND WE HAVE SO MANY STEELER FANS. Actually, he mentioned his son earlier.If he was quiet about his ex-wife, it’s because he want to keep private, PRIVATE! She is a class act.

As we mentioned above, there are rumors swirling online that the two have split up. According to Simone’s profile page for the Atlanta Hawks, Simone is listed as single.

this is only my thought about everything thats went on with him.

Cut him some slack.

I guess it is his business but if this is true it is sad. When I saw that Hines was going to be on DWTS, I told him.

I knew your knees were touching the windshield. Even if the females were just flings for Hines and even if he wasn’t serious with them he still had to known some females will still keep a baby if preg and there is that chance that he will get someone preg etc . His smile doesn’t mean he is that great of a person. Don’t give up on your marriage so easily. Just a disappointment In how he turned out, Does hines really have a daughter in pitts that is the same age as a daughter by a different woman in Atlanta? How many babies does he really have? I thoroughly enjoyed DWTS this season more than ever and YES, it was because Hines Ward evolved so interestingly with regard to his dancing accomplishments! I’m sure he’s court ordered to pay support because he probably wasn’t consistent with verbal agreement. Sooner than you think! Dating: According to CelebsCouples, Hines Ward is single . God Bless and God Speed. But as far as hines he’s like everyone else he has some good an bad in him. You all think you know what you’re talking about on this site, but everyone has their dark side.

You can tell from DWTS that Hines is truly a caring and genuinely nice guy. I love watching him play football because he is an unselfish player and is always smiling. That upsets me, when you read about him, and than his family is ignored but only his mother is mentioned. I’m surprise this site didn/t know that. Realize his own father wasnt so bad for ditching him and his mom and remarrying and having more kids and all that. He was a great dancer and we all enjoyed his performances every Monday, just like every game the Steelers play. Birth Name: Hines Edward Ward, Jr. Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea. Simone has also spent time as an on air personality for Atlanta area sports talk radio stations and is now a sideline reporter for the Atlanta Hawks. This incident was settled on a plea agreement. Keep Hines personal life, personal.

Why is it so difficult for these gossip blogs to get a grip? And as for cuting on Ben. Live and let live. Well, Hines just won DWTS! perhaps force limited visitation, supervised visitation, too risky to put your child on the line with his current lifestyle – just sayin’. He has my respect as a father too, to be the best you can be. It’s a shame that Hines and his current wife do not include them like they do his son by ex wife. Guess you showed her Jay!

If I lived hard like that I’d sure want to keep my child out of the spotlight – heck, his extracurricular activities would be, in the State of Georgia (where I too live) grounds for Simone to challenge his parental participation. We all have things left unsaid. he needs to get use his brains. Yes. Ol girl been looking to land her a “baller” for years. Hines has never kept his son a secret. This is yet to be recognized in 2017 when Peter King, a Hall of Fame voter, had disclosed that Ward might finally earn a seat. You also have to figure his son is in school so he really could not keep him from that.

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