Cameron admits to Chase that she finds House attractive. The season followed Dr. House and his team as they solve a medical case each episode. He then notices something on her neck. After going a week without Vicodin to win a bet, House admits he’s addicted, but goes into denial that the addiction affects his life. However, his authority and the stress of the new position start to affect his relationship with Thirteen. As his condition worsens, the team finds a way to save him, but the patient feels that the side effects of the cure would be worse than death. As his father is a major donor to the hospital, he insists on the best they have and Cuddy presses House to take the case. Cameron, to House about the diagnosis: Stop it. Plot: A famous cyclist who admits to blood doping becomes House patient and Cameron wants to report him for cheating. Dr. James Wilson: He got lucky. Cuddy meets the patient as he is leaving. Although the series seemed to settle back into a regular pattern, by the season's end it was clear that the series was going to undergo a fundamental change for Season 4. [10] This resulted in nominations in the categories of Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.[11]. Cameron comes up with a solution to save money - cut everyone’s salary. We also see House finding it difficult to be his usual self when Eric Foreman is ill. Cuddy’s sick handyman exposes her inability to be objective with people she cares about - a pattern that continues in several cases throughout the series. Plot: In a retrospective episode, we take a look at how the show was produced, with Hugh Laurie as the guide through the complexity and the series' success over the eight years it lasted. With Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard. Season Finale "Meaning" House : List of House episodes "No Reason" is the twenty-fourth episode and the season finale of the second season of House. He finds House's name badge steadying his wobbly table and starts to realize the truth. Next After losing his original diagnostic team that he loved so much, House decides that he doesn't need fellows as he feels that he can handle a case all on his own but after taking a long time to solve a case, Cuddy insists that he start looking for possible doctors to join his new team. She decides that she wants a baby and considers Wilson as sperm donor. The mystery case is solved, and House shows empathy towards the cancer survivor, performing tendon surgery to relieve his pain to the great relief and gratitude of the man's wife. Cuddy wants to see you. Chase proposes anyway, and Cameron finally accepts. Thrown out of his home, he builds a relationship with Eric Foreman and moves into Foreman‘s spare room. Cuddy attempts to work with House and his team to help him but she finds House is ahead of her at every turn even though he could care less about the patient. New roommates Foreman and Taub try to settle into a routine, but wind up getting on each other‘s nerves. But then, Brandon complains of pain in his fingers and House suddenly zeroes in on the cause. She saw you coming and thought you were a 14-year-old boy. Dr. Cameron: We should give her a local (anesthetic). The Hollywood Reporter was the first to go on record that House M.D. September 5, 2006 The team treat a patient who even ultra-trusting Martha Masters thinks is being dishonest, and it turns out he has lied to his wife that he has given up a lucrative job in real estate for blue collar work. 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike. Learn more. Wilson: Did it go away? Wilson tells him it will come back. Wilson realizes that the two are very attracted to each other and attempts to make them confront their feelings. -. Meanwhile, it appears Taub has found a way to earn a little extra money. This infuriates his boss, Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy. Dr. Cameron: The leg looks fine. However, the choice of the second is just a mystery to his close colleagues—a cancer survivor who clearly has no medical mystery attached to him that House takes on just so he can help another human being. Ezra ultimately demands the team help him end his life, but each member has divergent opinions on the morality of helping Ezra die, especially since the possibility of a cure is still in question. The episode also lays the foundation for events later in Season 3—the fight over keeping his blood stained carpet and the eventual development of … Foreman: I'm learning. They embrace as the season ends. Plot: Well-known performance artist Afsoun Hamidi (guest star Shohreh Aghdashloo) is admitted to the hospital. Plot: When Alice Tanner (Amy Irving), the author of a popular children's book series, inexplicably suffers from a seizure moments before an attempt to take her own life, the Princeton-Plainsboro team faces the challenges of evaluating both her underlying medical conditions, as well as her unstable psychological state. Season Guide Dr. Gregory House: Why does a dog lick it's... what's a workplace-acceptable euphemism for testicles? The episode "Half-Wit" was submitted for consideration in the categories of "Outstanding Drama Series", "Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series" and "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series" on Hugh Laurie's behalf for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards. Season Five, Episodes 87 - 110 House accepts the offer and gets out of prison, eventually reconnecting with a doctor who worked in the infirmary who he's made unemployable, Jessica Adams. During all this, Princeton-Plainsboro takes on a rich new chairman of the board who has just offered a $100,000,000 donation. House, M.D. They decide they should get out of Princeton while the getting's good. Dr. Foreman: Could be a neurological issue.

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