His dad got worried right away.

on Introduction. Appreciate the art of it. It’s all beautiful. You can’t stop the illusion. S1: Which one do you think is the money card? on Introduction. So here's how it works. “What’s wrong?” he said. But I’ve learned a lot along the way. You learn to observe by every day checking the “X” on some small, incremenetal self improvement physically, emotionally (be around positive people), mentally (be an idea machine) and spiritually (be grateful for the world we are in this moment). I'm also showing the camera's over here. Robert took off his watch. Because I get it. We have the queen or any other arbitrary card, the money card and the other card. I’m an entrepreneur and angel investor. Then we ran into this table. The word monte comes from a legit card game played in Mexico in the 1800’s and when the scam made it’s way into the US via Louisiana in the 1830s it took that name to give it a veneer of legitimacy. Do this slowly so the person thinks the game is easy. I pointed to what I was sure was the right card. Robert and I were standing on the corner of 45th and Broadway, right near Times Square. He got his $30. You can laugh at the things you find funny. Copyright © 2020 Altucher Confidential - All Rights Reserved. Share it with us! If you know the tricks and have the moves, there's no reason why you can win every time, like a good dealer should. Laugh in delight at the way everyone disappears when imaginary police are spotted.

Spell Checker!! We will not share your email address and you can unsubscribe at any time. And of course, I thought, I was smarter than everyone here. The card was turned over. It’s all entertainment. S1: Have you ever heard of a game called the Three Card Monte? And I wantto tell you how I freed myself so maybe you can start to free yourself, too. “Ooohhh,” everyone in the crowd said. The 3 card Monte is a great trick to perform for large and small audiences. S1: Then I show the next card to you. 13 years ago Yeah, yeah even if you win, you might not win if you know what I mean. There are loads of great video tutorials out there, so I’ll quickly explain the basic mechanics of the move before pointing you to a YouTube video that should help clear up anything you didn’t understand! The pressures of our friends, peers, parents, colleagues. I was following every movement of that card. But this is what seals the deal is when you show the first card, you give it a flick, they remember it and then you flick it down here and you say the queen or the other card. Second, when it's played on the street, they do it so there is no way to win. S1: Okay, so it's a game where you play-- you see people playing it on the streets. By submitting your email address, you will receive a free subscription to Altucher Confidential.

Yeah, what hamO said. And I’m the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book “Choose Yourself.”. Robert and I were standing there by ourselves, a ghost-like white bracelet carved into his skin where his watch had been. And this is actually out of Diver and his Three Card Monte routine, which was published. Of course, be prepared to get your butt kicked if you even think about touchihng the cards. “My dad is going to kill me.”.

He always had cashmere sweaters. The whole point's to win money. It was a nice watch. “Damn!” she said. I like to use the joker because it has... S1: Yeah, a little dollar sign. The sun is outside and it’s time for you to enjoy it. This is so easy! I was only 12 years old. The other people betting are all illusion. drop the winner in the right hand onto the table then drop the looser in the left hand onto the table, both face down! So there are three different cards, that's why it's the Three Card Monte. Throw all the cards in a row. It's your job to keep track of which one's which. Privacy Policy. So, please, don't touch the cards. Robert had nice everything. S1: Oh, yeah. You can leave. I could see the Queen right through the cards as if I had X-ray vision. Appreciate the magic created by all the humans around us as they try to get us into their imaginary worlds and vision. But I'm going to teach you one of the many methods that they use. So I say the queen, one of the red cards, I'm going to flick it again down here. So it's this, that. And then the last card, which you can't show, but by process of elimination people assume it's the other queen. They will show the winner, and then not play the winner, so no which card you play, you can't pick the winner. 13 years ago on Introduction.

Then throw the last looser down on the table also face down. The game is only illegal fro two reasons.

Robert slouched down and when he straightened up his dad hit him again, “You are one dumb f***!” Robert was crying. He was flipping the cards back and forth, every now and then lifting one up to show us the queen. And always it ends with the victim alone, minus his money, and about to be punished in some way, either by his own regrets, or the fist of a father. Check out my Instructable, [simple money getting trick] *note* this is not illegal, this is just a trick to some money at school. on Introduction, i don't get it can anybody please make a simple version, this is so cool if you have any more cool ideas please email them to mattyts@live.co.uk, 12 years ago

Robert told the whole story. You can watch the illusion unfold in everything around you. Star Trek was about to come on. And you just have to keep track of one card. Heck, maybe I’d even take a limo. S1: That's the queen and that's how I win all the money. And why does it work? Three Card Monte is only illegal if you charge people money to play. Everything is theater. First, you need some sort of license in most cities to do something like this on the street, and people never get them. We have the queen or any other arbitrary card, the money card and the other card. He took the watch and had his $80 in his hand. There's three different cards. S1: That's the queen and that's how I win all the money. Force them to turn over the other two, showing losers. The curtain comes down.

We call it the money card. I was sure he had $20. Where’s the card, young man!” I was sure I knew. I would’ve made something up. I'll mix them up. 11 years ago 0. mrmath.

It's your job to keep track of which one's which. We didn’t talk again on the ride back and they dropped me off at home. Doing it for fun is perfectly legal. But they never saw the joker down there. !Diagrams would help where the descriptions falter.The game is called "Three Card Monte". 3 card monte has been around since the 1500’s. The police are an illusion so they can quickly abscond with your money and find another mark. I then shuffle the cards and get the bets as to where the money card is... and the suckers still lose. The pressure to OWN a home (“ROOTS!”), go to college (“you won’t get a job otherwise!”), the need for success and ambition, the need for $100 million to push off mortality, the need for us to fight every four years (“it’s either US or THEM who will run or ruin the country,” turning our friends and neighbors from full-blooded humans into plastic figurines who will either ruin or save us depending on who is elected). His dad hit Robert on the back. Then you show this card and you flick it, and as you put it down, you say the joker. I give it a little flick and here's the secret move. I just know it was a nice watch. The game is ... Second, when it's played on the street, they do it so there is no way to win. The word monte comes from a legit card game played in Mexico in the 1800’s and when the scam made it’s way into the US via Louisiana in the 1830s it took that name to give it a veneer of legitimacy. The girl who we first saw playing said, “Police coming!” and the guy folded up the table, everyone around us disappeared, the guy disappeared, the girl disapeared, Robert’s watch disappeared, my future wealth disappeared, my limo picking me up and taking me to school disappeared. “Shit,” he said. The illusion exists on at least five different levels. Repeat, DO NOT TOUCH THE CARDS.

3 card monte has been around since the 1500’s. Spot the illusion in everything. My parents asked me if I had a fun time in the city. The money card, and I switch it, the joker and the last card. Not just the sleight of hand, the illusion of quickly replacing one card with another without anyone noticing, or the legitimacy of the name, or the fact that’s it’s just cards. S2: And that's one way to win at Three Card Monte. One girl said, “I know where it is!” and she threw down $5 and he lifted up the card and it was a Jack. $50 meant I would be able to take a cab to school maybe. I’ve started 20 companies, 17 of which have failed. You can admire the production quality. Because of illusion.

I’ve been there. And when people try to trace back they'll really recall that they saw all three cards very fairly, and now when you mix these up people are thinking that, "Oh, you're mixing them so...".

The shows on TV or in the news (“Greece worries plunge markets!” If I hear that one more time well, I’m going to do nothing, but I’m sure I’m going to hear it at least 100 more times). Plus, practicing the sleight of hand will help you improve your other magic tricks as well. S2: Okay. I use a different method .... at the end of the monte, as a final display of my deceit, I rip off the corner of the "money" card so that the letter and symbol show, and set that corner on the table in plain sight. Next one: The cards flipping back and forth. Don't go thinking you that you can go out and play on the streets now, because this is just one of them. “Where’s the 20?” the guy said, “I have to see the 20!”, I didn’t have $20. “10 will get you thirty” the card table guy said. Robert and I were visiting his dad’s office a few blocks away when we decided to take a walk past the arcades in Broadway. The excitement is all an illusion. Then I wanted to make money. And then we look around Times Square and we are bombarded with the illusions that then carry us through the rest of our lives. You are either an actor in the theater (and in almost every case, you are “the mark” 99% of the time) or you are in the audience. S1: Which one do you think is the money card? If it's illegal, why should we need to know it? The psychology that turns three cards on a cardboard box into MAGIC. I'll mix them up. The more illusions you train yourself to observe, the more fun you will have. Another guy pointed to a card, “it’s that one.” The guy doing the cards said, “that’s right,” and he turned over the queen, “but you didn’t bet.” The guy who pointed turned to me and said, “Ugh, I could’ve won twenty dollars.”.

So from here to here. “$20 will get you $50!” The guy said. Your card must be the winner. “It was ok,” I said, and went into my room. Three Card Monte is only illegal if you charge people money to play. Learn how to do the basic 3-card monte trick in this dinner table magic tricks video from Howcast. I’ve achieved the rank of chess master.

They saw it up here. And once the show is over, the entertainers exit stage left. One guy in a suit walked by Robert and me and whispered, “get away, it’s a scam.” But what did he know?

You show the first card and then give it a little flick like this, and then I flick it down here, and you'll see why that's important in a moment. All you have to do is hold up your watch and point to the card.”. The way around this is to piack the card you think would be the winner, then put you hand down on it, claiming it's the winner. All life is a three card monte. I asked Robert. gambling displays, magic tricks, making money fast & illegally... in about 15 minutes with a good monte team (yah, you usually have somebody there to A. look out, and B. help you get MORE $$) bump up the bet, offer a couple "double or nothing" deals, and get out of there with fists full of cash. You can just observe. The Queen!

S2: This one. He didn’t see the Queen like I did. And they remember seeing the card and hearing it flicked and they associate and remember that they saw the joker down there. “I don’t know,” Robert said.

The guy who picked the right card the first time pointed again. Why?

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