lol im dating san-san for almost 2 years. I'M MARRIED TO SOMEONE NOW! I know they are very intimate either! if they're dating they will announce. IZ*ONE WonYoung Showed Her Beautiful,Young, & Rich Status With Her Bags, Kim WooSeok And Lee EunSang Share How They Knew Each Other Even Before "Produce X 101". I m literally in love with u ? Seriously? Jungkook was at JYP visiting Yugyeom, not Sana. It literally makes me laugh how gullible some people are. Once people have the same likes they're dating? Hello! im laughing so hard that jeongguk got scolded by jyp hahahahhahah ridiculous. There was this one instance where Chanyeol poured a bottle of water down D.O. Finally someone understands how ridiculous this is. Their age gap of almost five years doesn't hinder their … Wth is this page talking about SMH LMAO, I know right.. people literally thing everything is a proof these days.. it's sad, I wish this is all true Who the hell are we to assume what happened backstage? that doesnt mean they're dating. but why during MC's they are both looking for each other even though there's a lady standing between them and people watching them? and honestly, people need to stop being rude to you because you're just posting what the netizens are saying, but like this ship is impossible because sana is gay for dahyun like saida for life man, The thing about the JYP building is bulshit to be completly honest because we all know Got7 (which is under JYP) are very close to Bts, so he was probably visiting the two 97 liners (BamBam and Yugyeom) because even Jungkook said he is very close to the the two and the other 97 liners males from other groups.....Also Bts is really busy recently , I doubt anyone would want to date a guy who you can barely talk to and i don't think Jungkook even has the guts to go near a girl XD I mean did you see… Read more », myy godd .. ahh thank you for posting that these are all fake ,, i belive that if jungkook really dated he will tell us because he knows that we trust him, Also i eat my fav snack all the time which is doritos but i don't go like' OMG YOU ARE DATING ME' when I see a guy or girl with doritos....That's just ridiculous. The JYP picture was him picking up Yugyeom... sana's caption on the snack means "i 've been good lately" not "i really like you these days". Anyway he is more good with red velvet yeri cause they have many moments and similirites... Just watch their moments on Singapore music bank 2017, Lmao first of all don't hate on this website, they're just spreading the allready resisting rumour. lolo Just kidding.. I don’t think there dating... just because they like the same foods? So if 2 people love the same food that makes dating rumours? I agree with you but i dont think their companies allow them to date so he basically cant date, you got to be kidding me. Jungkook went to JYP to fetch Yugyeom, not Sana. Facebook. If I were to describe Yeri and Jungkook's relationship, or rather their love-making, it had the particular aroma of orchids-- a sweet but somewhat sickly smell. Just because he likes fucking banana chips and she happened to like them too doesn’t mean they’re dating ISJDHDEH. HE IS LITERALLY SHIPPED WITH EVERYONE FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER, people do realise jungkook is best friends with yugyeom from got7 who is apart of jyp. the real couple here is Jungkook and Yugyeom, lol.. Hello! ReddIt. I mean... it’s quite obvious to me... For me? we will bring you different&interesting news for you ♥, Thank you SO MUCH. LOOLLL i know right? Is BLACKPINK Jennie's Real Birth Name Jennie? Although Nayeon is older than Jeongyeon by a year, these two have more of a same-aged friendship than other idols who have a one-year age gap. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. When Jungkook would upset her, sometimes Yeri would stand in front of a standing mirror; she would just stand there staring, no change of emotion, very quiet, intense-- the mid-morning stare that one has at times, you know? yucks delulu much? So we must be dating!!! One Korean community posted that netizens dug up SNS posts by JungKook with lyric screenshots that all stopped at 01:23 point of each song. I mean, they do seem pretty logical. At the beginning of 2019, Red Velvet’s dating ban of 4 years ended, and the members were free to pursue their own personal relationships if they chose to do so. Fans noticed Red Velvet Yeri's cute response to BTS and Ariana Grande's recent backstage photo. Jungkook is shipped with so many people. He will date a girl whoever he wants, so please don't try to bother about his privacy. Maybe Not! BISH I SHIP IT, IF THEY dating let them live please!! We both wear jeans and white shirts sometimes theres 7 billion people in the world and only jungkook and sana like duck meat, therefore theyre dating. i stg if idols breathe at the same time, the dating rumors start up, i don't mind them dating tbh I want all bts members to date. meet him and i will adopt him. See more ideas about Kpop couples, Jungkook, Couples. By the way he didn't go to JYP for SANA he went for YUGEOM. This Is What We Know, The KPop World in 2020: Idols That We Look Forward To the Next Year, Top 10 Things You Should Get A K-pop Fan For The Holidays, TWICE's Producer Unveils Why Nayeon Always Sings the First Lines, K-Netizens Accuse Red Velvet Yeri of Imitating BLACKPINK Jennie, K-Netz Point Out Red Velvet Yeri's Problematic Past Actions In Light of Irene's Attitude Controversy, Several K-Pop Groups Submit Nominations for The 2021 Grammy Awards, Editor Exposes Celebrity’s True Personality + K-Netz Post Speculations, Netizens Are Divided Over IZ*ONE's New Vogue Pictorial, BLACKPINK Rosé Reveals She Never Forced a Specific Vocal Tone, BLACKPINK Jennie Poses As Chanel’s Muse for W Korea, EXO Sehun Chosen As The New Face of Dior Men. The first thing that comes to mind when I think Jungkook at JYP is him hanging out with Yugyeom. 3. Netizens claim that this is another Oreo incident by TaeYeon when she was secretly dating EXO's BaekHyun. I don't think so! I ship Sana and Jungkook. lmao did yall forgot that got7 is from jyp too? Often than not, the youngest member is comfortable enough with Wendy to use informal speech whenever they have their little squabbles. I love Jungkook and Sana's adorable, but LOL HOOMANS, PLEASE. BTS RM's Hilarious Experience Bleaching His Hair, Why JiMin Can Often Be The Most Adorable Member Of BTS, TWICE - "Eyes wide open" Concept Film MINA, TWICE - "Eyes wide open" Concept Film DAHYUN, K-Pop Idol Beanie Fashion To Inspire Your Fall 2020. At the same time, the vocalist was trying to drink water, so he spat the liquid in his mouth at Chanyeol. Sana's nickname among fans is "IlEeSamSana", which sounds like 1,2,3,4 in Korean. Mix. Cause they all both no time for dating On January 23, Ariana Grande shared a photo of herself with … the time of his singing is irreverent to this, honestly. .... Ok That JYP pic was from when Got7's Yugyeom went bowling with Jungkook! The term refers to the American cartoon characters Tom and Jerry who are infamous for having a love and hate relationship with each other. Hidden by Pineapple, July 5, 2017 - No reason given, If I were to describe Yeri and Jungkook's relationship, or rather their love-making, it had the particular aroma of orchids-- a sweet but somewhat sickly smell" lol, He always had to feed her something else-- that he was "Jungkook the Goofball," or "Jungkook the Rugged Individual", ðŸ�‡ðŸ��Makes me wanna party on your body.ðŸ�ŽðŸ�‘, idc about your old dusty favs..get with the winning team bitch, ð�˜¥ð�˜³ð�˜¦ð�˜¢ð�˜®ð�˜´ ð�˜¤ð�˜°ð�˜®ð�˜¦ ð�˜µð�˜³ð�˜¶ð�˜¦ ★. Idols have been given unique and personal nicknames by their fans many times before, these pet names usually describe their endearing personality and character.

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