. IGf I forget to Csay my prayers the Gdevil jumps with glee. Use our chord converter to play the song in other keys. Daily news and information about Irish musicHomeSt Patrick’s DaySongsBandsSingersMusiciansSongwritersShowcaseBlogBack. Intro | G A# | F C | G A# | F C Verse 1 G It's been a long night A# With a heavy load F C And now my high beams are shining on my babies road G A# Gonna pick up some clay on the tread of these tires F C Have ourselves a hell of a night A# C Look up in that Carolina sky Chorus G F Dm Let that … . Open Up Your Heart And Let The Sunshine In - Stuart Hamblen Chords, Learn the song with the online tablature player. song: "New Girl", Just D7open up your heart and let the GsunD7shine Gin. Luke Combs - Love you anyway. [Intro] C#m F# C#m F# [Verse 1] C#m E It's been a long night with a heavy load B F# And now my high beams are shinin' on my babies road C#m E … Luke Combs - Lovin on you. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) https://www.amchords.com/chords/387530. var opts = { And I’ve [D]spent all me money on [D7]whiskey and [G]beer. chords Lets just be friends ver. Info and videos of new Irish performers. I G f I forget to C say my prayers the G devil jumps with glee, But he D7 feels so awful, awful when he G sees me D7 on my G knees. . artist: "Zooey Deschanel", Verse D A well my buckle makes impressions on the inside of, Am F C e|-----------------------------| B|-----------------------------| G|---5---5--, (VERSE) I found a [G]love for [Em]me Darling just [C]dive right in, and follow my [D]lead Well I, C D Bm Em [Verse1] C Hey, you D D7 I'm just now leaving G, (Verse 1) Uyeonhi [G]gireul geotda Ne namjal bwasseo (Yea I saw him) Hoksina [F#7]haetdeon Nae y, Intro Dm Like a river F Like a river Dm Like a river F Like a rive, 1. Luke Combs - Me without you. GShe said he causes Ctrouble when you Glet him in the room. Checkout. . chords Lonely one ver. Showcase And I’ll [C]make you a gallon for a [D7]two dollar [G]bill. The chords to The Moonshiner are presented in the key of G. The lyrics are about the illicit alcoholic beverages and a man who has no interests in life greater than drinking his beloved moonshine. 1. Chord ConverterOur chord converter enables you to play this song in any key. Celtic Thunder - the kings of Social Media, Museum to honour One Direction star Niall Horan, Susan Boyle bullied after doctor’s incorrect diagnosis, Van Morrison – the ten million airplays man, In-ear earphones ‘damaging’ children’s hearing. It's D7all about the devil and I've Glearned to D7hate him Gso. C Am F G Don't let the moonshine cry up the night C Am D7 G Set from your shadow, and make it bright F Fm C C7 You're a lollipop, no second prize D D7 G G7 An apple somewhere, in somebody's eyes C Am F G Hey girl, whatcha doing? 1. But oD7h, he starts to running when the Glight comesD7 pouring Gin. 1. chords Love you anyway ver. Key: G. G. | Capo: 0 fr | Left-Handed. D7open up your heart and let the GsunD7shine Gin. The Moonshiner lyrics and chords print version. Bob Dylan Recorded August 12 1963 (The Times They Are A-changin' sessions), and released on The Bootleg Series 1-3 (1991) Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem. 1. GSo D7let G7the Csunshine in, Gface it with a grin. Our chord converter enables you to play any song in whatever key you like. chords Lovin on you ver. 1. Am C/g F C/g G7 I've been a-a moonshiner for seventeen long years Am C/g F C/g G7 I've spent all my-y money on whiskey an' beer F G C/g F I go to some hollow and set up my still Am C/g F C/g G7 And if whiskey don't kill me then I don't know what will. It C burns me up and lights a fire in my s D oul A W C ell get you a sip And let the whiskey G take D control [Chorus] Le A t that moonshine, all night, take your breath aw Em ay Like an ol D d sweet song daddy used to play A C An A d it takes me back to a simpler place and ti Em me G W D hen we used to kick back And let the moonshin A e So let the G moo D nshine A See your chords appearing on the Chords Easy main page and help other guitar players. . I’m a rambler, I’m a gambler, I’m a long way from homeAnd if you don’t like me then leave me aloneI’ll eat when I’m hungry, I’ll drink when I’m dryAnd if the moonshine don’t kill me I’ll live till I die, I’ll go to some hollow in this countryTen gallons of wash and I’ll go on a spreeNo women to follow and the world is all mineI love none so well as I love the moonshine, Moonshine, dear moonshine, oh, how I love theeYou killed my poor father but dare you try meBless all the moonshiners and bless the moonshineIt’s breath smells as sweet as the dew on the vine. GMommy told me Csomething a Glittle girl should know. 2. GWhen you are uCnhappy the dGevil wears a grin. }; C/g (332010) is played in the turns around F. document.write('

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