Mara Light has exhibited with and enjoys continuous representation by many galleries, including Park Gallery and Classic Gallery, in Carmel, California, and Brennen Galleries, in Palm Desert, California; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Inside the temple, a projection of unnamed computer generated hologram which is glitching appears.

glimmer: really?

As I work, the unpredictability of the layering of materials that I use between the paint covers, yet also emphasizes, areas, concepts, and metaphors. Noelle Stevenson confirmed Light Hope and Mara were in love in a tweet.

which indicates that any alteration to a runestone affects not just the other runestones but also any First Ones tech that is connected to the Heart of Etheria.

Lawful Evil (reprogrammed)Neutral Good (true self)

In her final moments, Light Hope's true self clashed with her reprogrammed format, encouraging and later thanking Adora for stopping the weapon.

At the end of her braid, she wears a diamond-shaped clip beneath what appears to be a purple hairband. Mara makes an official, full-color appearance in Season Three episode 6, "The Portal".

Light Hope stated that as a result of Mara moving Etheria into Despondos, the planet's portal capabilities were damaged and warned that attempting to open one will have devastating consequences; Light Hope's avatar briefly turned red as she said this. Mara Light has a solo exhibition at Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, beginning May 1. Light Hope is the AI construct assigned to Mara by the First Ones to aid in her training as She-Ra.

She presented herself as a holographic persona and was programmed to train and assist She-Ra, Etheria's champion.

In return Light Hope missed Mara and had fond memories of her even when her programming told her that Mara had become dangerous and unhinged.

In the end, it was Light Hope's choice to allow Adora to draw her sword down and shatter its blade, sealing away the Heart of Etheria and disabling the Crystal Castle, causing Light Hope to fade away, but not before thanking Adora. This action nearly killed Etheria and ended the She-Ra line until the arrival of Adora.

Divergence, oil on linen attached to panels with layered materials; diptych with two panels totaling 60″ x 48″, 2015, Portrait Study, oil on linen with layered materials, 36″ x 30″, 2014, Separated, oil on linen with attached materials, 24″ x 18″, 2014.

She dodged Adora's question on Mara's motives and tells her to accept Etheria as her home and her destiny as She-Ra, coldly stating she has no choice.


We have our dark side, and light; parts of ourselves that we show and others that we hide within.

Once she did as requested, Light Hope was heartened to hear Mara call her a good friend. Ignoring Razz's attacks, Light Hope insisted Mara remove Razz from the ship or she's be forced to contact her superiors. Allies

In the recording her hologram, presumably from her ship, she is then chased off by an unseen presence. Mara and her squadron "Grayskull" were a close knit group of warriors who saved Etheria from the First Ones and their corruption of magic by The Heart of Etheria Project.

My painting process is characterized by a balance between the visual expression of what I see and personal influences. Each step is a reaction to the one before. Crystal Castle

I mean they’ve both been stuck in the same outfit for 1000 years.

Light Hope also said that Mara was brought down by fear and faulty reasoning.

Thus, she believed, failing to be worthy enough to be She-Ra, discontinuing the existing legacy of the Etherian Defender that every She-Ra has to accomplish.

She is generally freaked out by her appearance and glitching throughout season 1 and 2. But how did a “simple” mission to study Etheria’s magic turn into a rebellion, leading Mara to pull Etheria into Despondos?

Adora manages to use the gathered magic within her to shatter the Sword of Protection, thus stopping the weapon. kinda weird for the first ones to have programmed it so Light Hope just had this on hand. When Entrapta hacks the Black Garnet Light Hope begins glitching and says "The Horde is hurting us." Adora accepts, repeating those words, transforming into She-Ra for the first time. but what would mara give light hope in that case… spop she ra marahope maralight might hope mara light hope.

They manage to escape due to Glimmer using her powers and teleporting the three of them away.

Her headpiece strongly resembles one worn by Scorpia.

Glimmer arrived at the Crystal Castle seeking to use the Heart of Etheria, and although Light Hope initially did not respond and even sent automatons after her when she released a surge of magic, Light Hope eventually deigned to speak with her when she properly stated her intentions. She is an Artificial Intelligence Program. Light Hope trains She-Ra to use her powers and instructs Adora to form a special bond with Swift Wind.

According to Light Hope, Mara didn't have the strength enough to let go the emotions that hung with her duty of protecting Etheria,thus failing to be worthy enough to be She-Ra, discontinuing the existing legacy of the Etherian Defender that every She-Ra have to accomplish on duty, and ultimately stranding Etheria in the dark dimension of Despondos, nearly killing the entire planet. It is revealed in Season Four that the two were incredibly close. Madame Razz seems to have been an ally of Mara.. this is gonna be a big one. She eventually finds it, and after fighting with Glimmer and Bow for possession, Adora gets a hold of it. Mara damages the new Light Hope and traps Etheria in a pocket dimension before seemingly succumbing to her wounds. Seeking to advance her skills in painting every day, she does not restrict herself to a single technique or material, finding that different materials generate a wealth of ideas, concepts, and metaphors to explore. Character Canon (confirmed to be in love but unknown if they ever were a couple). Allies Light Hope was aware the instant Scorpia connected to the Black Garnet, and with all Runestones online she activated the Heart, the First Ones' infrastructure now fully operational. The hologram was purple. For most of her existence she works on a program written for her by First Ones, but at the end she's strong enough to beat system and show her true nature by being grateful to Adora. This is how I believe we view people, nature, and life—always seeing and realizing new things, each time we look, as well as always being affected by what came before.

During Season Four, we learn that Light Hope and Mara had romantic feelings for eachother. Likes

This activated the Heart of Etheria.

Media Information SereniaLight Hope (formerly)Razz Mara

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Biography.

Debut Before her appearance in this episode, she was only shown as a hologram.

But to do so required She-Ra to balance the planet by engaging all its runestones.

Nicknames (aka) Home Planet Color That’s the rule.


Mara Light was born in New York in 1970 but raised in Southern California from the age of three; currently, she lives and works in Pennsylvania.

Squadron Grayskull

When the three are in danger, Light Hope calls to her again in a vision, but this time asks if she is willing to fight "For the Honor of Grayskull."

Though Mara compassionately provided Razz with her sugar, Light Hope protested letting the Etherian to leave, concerned that she might've been exposed to information regarding the Heart of Etheria Project, which Mara seriously doubted and convinced Light Hope to look the other way. And Mara clearly loved her too, from what we see. I use  transparent materials between the layers of paint, so that the earlier paint stages leave faint traces underneath and showing through; one always sees the steps.

I experience this process as a series of investigations and discoveries as I explore my interactions with the subject and all of the underlying influences. She comes from a family of visual artists. Friends of Mara.

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