The first phase of this fight you start in a plane where you’re first going to see Dr. Kahl before he scurries away into his robot to do battle with you. Dr. Kahl’s Robot head will fly from side to side, exiting out one side and coming back in a moment later.

cheat of them all, right?! Elec Man: Not as well-built as my glorious self, but I suppose I can see The copy system is designed to replicate both the physical appearance and basic AI of the original target, but as far as combat and buster skills are concerned, Copy Mega Man is capable of exploring the limits of his own potential regardless of personal danger, whereas the real Mega Man's power levels are set to the maximum level that is possible without running the risk of overloading him. parts! As Mega Man, he is able to use the Mega Buster as well as the Special Weapons, but unlike the original game, he can change between weapons at will. ...Or are you going to try to stop When he finds out that he's the copy, he revolts and attacks the real Mega Man, accidentally hurting Roll when she moves in front of the original to protect him, making Copy Mega Man feel guilty for shooting his sister. Copy Robot's movement is the same as Elec Man's, moving back and forth while occasionally attacking, and jumping when the attack button is pressed in order to avoid the attack. Copy Robot Copy Elec Man: Yo, Sparky! Favorite. After you decimate the stomach section, it starts to fire out deadly missiles that follow. Not much else to say about it. ホログラフロックマンズ Copy Cut Man: Yo, No-brains! Knowing that he was beyond salvation, the copy sacrifices himself to stop Bass despite everyone pleading him not to, exploding and severely damaging Bass. In this phase, you have to fight Dr Kahl (and the robot's head), while he shoots out projectiles from his crystal. Japanese Name: R = Red BeanY = Yellow BeanG = Green BeanB = Blue BeanP = Purple BeanC = Clear (Garbage) BeanH = Has Bean (the little orange fellow). The copy has the original Mega Man's memories and believes himself to be the real one, continuing Mega Man's fight against Mr. X and eventually defeating him. Cereal on the floor?

Wait nvm I just got him. at lightning speed! Phase 2: Use Bombs and get above him when he moves left-to-right. Sonic then deduced that Copy Robot was the one responsible for abducting Silver and Chaotix, with Copy Robot confirming it. nothin' better than brute strength, after all. This Copy Robot apparently only copied the appearance as he does not use special weapons and other moves, and is able to shot in any direction with the Mega Buster. Dr. Kahl’s Robot is a real pain. Shadow Man reveals how he was created and is impressed that he didn't become fully evil due to the Evil Chip, but notes that it still had some influence on him, and tells him that whatever he does next, that should be his decision.

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