Kitten season creates a huge strain on shelters and rescues, as they deal with the tsunami of adorable, fluffy kittens. If impregnated by a male cat, a female cat gives birth to a litter of kittens only 60 days later. These will include URI (cold symptoms), … They require around the clock care and feeding, special food, temperature, environment, and they also often require a great deal of medical attention. By taking advantage of your corporate matching gift program, you can maximize the value of your gift at no additional cost. Kittens are ridiculously adorable, with their sweet little faces, jellybean toes and tiny folded ears. Nine Lives Foundation will gladly cover any needed medical treatments free of charge in our facility for any illnesses that may have been contracted at the shelter. We do not receive funding from any local, state or government agenices so we rely solely on private donations of cash and goods, adoption fees and money generated from our low cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinics. While cat food may be what the 9Lives brand was first known for, we’re passionate about helping cats live better in all ways. Every dose makes a difference to prevent a cat from dying of FIP! That’s true for cats, too. Creating an online Facebook fundraiser is an easy and effective way to raise money for the Nine Lives Foundation. For more information or assistance, you can contact RBC Wealth Management: Donating Stock is another great way to support Nine Lives! My husband was even going to sneak Koko into the hospital. This is a popular way to celebrate important life milestones like a birthday or anniversary, but, a fundraiser can be created at any time, for any reason.

Secure on-line donations via your bank account or credit card can also be set up through  Network for Good, or PayPal. > Animals Email So we make sure all 9Lives cat food varieties are complete and balanced for adult cats to help them live well. They saved the best cat we have ever encountered. Dr. Monica Rudiger has kept a close eye on his liver enzymes with his medication and we have been able with diet reduce his medication.Two years ago at the age of 43 I had a massive stroke and almost died. He loves to listen to you are a Rich Girl by Hall and Oates well I have been singing it to him since he came to live with us. But his normal diet is high protein and high fat to reduce his seizures. The 9Lives brand has a long history of caring for cats. This incident broke his jaw and even part of his brain was exposed. 125 pageviews, Share this Nonprofit Kittens require a lot of resources, both in terms of time and money. General Member of the Public
Help Nine Lives give cats and kittens with FIP a chance for a cure! 196 reviews of Nine Lives Foundation "I have lived in the bay my entire life and gone to vets in almost every city. Such a blessing. Twitter, Mission: Provide community based - below market veterinary services and no-kill shelter for cats, Programs: Provide community based - below market veterinary services and no-kill shelter for cats. It may sound like a dream come true to be swimming in kittens, but while the pitter-patter of a few furry paws is manageable, a downpour of kittens can quickly become a life-threatening flood.

I'm so thankful there's a rescue out there that helps the less "desirable" cats and provides resources to try and minimize the feral cat colonies in the area. Nine Lives Lounge accepts donations of supplies as well as monetary donations. This is a popular way to celebrate important life milestones like a birthday or anniversary, but a fundraiser can be created at any time, for any reason. He sometimes runs into things but does not seem to mind. The Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) is the smallest amount an individual over 70.5 must distribute from their IRA each year. 9Lives cat food first hit shelves in 1959, starting with wet cat food. The tricky part is that cats have particular nutritional needs, but also particular tastes. 04/22/2016, I'm so grateful that Nine Lives Foundation saves cats considered special-needs or hopeless, cats that other shelters won't take. Dr. Monica Rudiger was working there and told them about her no kill shelter called Nine Lives Foundation. This means that large amounts of kittens are born all around the same time of year. These are the reasons why I choose to give my time & money to Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City, California.

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