There are tons of great male names to be found in the world of Disney. You'll be obsessed with this wonderful world of dog names. So what better way to celebrate said obsession than by bestowing Disney names on our other obsession? As long as his father was alive, Peter was immortal. When watching Miss Piggy's performance of the Macarena, they claim it has made the show even worse, managing the impossible. They usually have the last word, with a final comment at the end of most (but not all) episodes. The only healthy relationship he had was with his mother. 2 Characters, More Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy Wiki. He is portrayed by Chris Pratt while his younger self is portrayed by Wyatt Oleff. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Ultimate List of Disney Characters show list info. Disney was born in the rural village of Bluevale, in what is now Ontario, Canada, to Irish Protestant immigrants Kepple Elias Disney (1832–1891) and Mary Richardson (1838–1909). Early life. He plans to sell it himself and go solo from his Ravager clan. St. Charles, Missouri, United States of America, Terra, Member and leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The duo travel with the Muppets while watching their touring show. Television specials: Hey Cinderella! Peter's love interest was a girl named Kitty Pryde, who was a member of the X-men. Their primary victim is, appropriately, Fozzie Bear playing the Cowardly Lion. Peter Jason Quill, also known as Star-Lord, and mostly referred to as Quill, is a main character and the main protagonist of the film, Guardians of the Galaxy and the sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Peter is similar to Gamora in several ways: They were both snatched from their original homeworld by someone who is outside of their species (Peter was captured by a group of Ravagers led by a Centaurian while Gamora was captured by Thanos), Peter wears a red leather jacket along with the other Ravagers. I am a huge fan of Disney in all aspects, movies, characters, songs, books, theme parks. Instead, Peter falls in love with Gamora. Parade: Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade, Humans: Max • Doc Hopper • Snake Walker • Professor Krassman • Bernie the Agent • Lew Lord • Gary • Mary • Dominic Badguy • Nadya • Jean Pierre Napoleon • Lady Holiday • Mike Tarkenian • Neville • Dorcas • Nicky Holiday • Henderson • Stanley • Marla, Carla, and Darla, The Great Muppet Caper: Hey a Movie! Disney characters that are or were horses. Meredith made her son a tape titled Awesome Mix, Vol. The duo takes on a featured role in the film. However, Peter is raised harshly by his adoptive father, who would always threaten to eat Peter, but these statements were meant to be jokes, but kept Quill fighting for his life for years. Waldorf is the one with the pug-like face, mustache, and white hair. The Muppet MovieThe Great Muppet CaperThe Muppets Take ManhattanThe Muppets: A Celebration of 30 YearsA Muppet Family ChristmasThe Muppets Celebrate Jim HensonThe Muppet Christmas CarolMuppet Treasure IslandMuppets from SpaceKermit's Swamp YearsIt's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas MovieThe Muppets' Wizard of OzA Muppets Christmas: Letters to SantaThe MuppetsMuppets Most Wanted, Statler:Jerry Nelson (1975; 1992–2003)Richard Hunt (1976–1991)Steve Whitmire (2002–2016)Drew Massey (pilot, episodes 9-34 of Statler and Waldorf: From the Balcony)Peter Linz (2017–present).

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