The Milking or Dairy Shorthorn is a beautiful breed with a unique coloring pattern.

The Milking/Dairy Shorthorn breed has seen population growth in several countries in the past decade after many years of population decline. If you trace the roots of these two varieties, you will find that they have the same lineage. The Whitebred Shorthorn was developed for crossing with black Galloway cattle for producing a popular blue roan crossbreed. American Shorthorn Association8288 Hascall StreetOmaha, NE 68124(402) 393-7200FAX, Adcock Land and Livestock Online Heifer Sale 10-22-2020, Goettemoeller Show Cattle & Brutus Show Cattle 10-21-2020, Lampe Cattle and Frost Farms Sale 10-21-2020, Olson Show Cattle Devos and Divas Heifer Sale 10-21-2020, "Reds on the Rise" Online Sale 10-20-2020, Brock Welshans Show Cattle Steer/Heifer/Semen/Embryo Sale, Classic Genetics Backdrop Heifers Online Sale 10-20-2020, Cowan Cattle Company Online Sale 10-20-2020, They are among the good dual purpose cattle breeds which are good for both milk and meat production.

The lethal genetic defect, Tibial Hemimelia is evident in newborn cattle that are born with twisted legs with fused joints, have large abdominal hernias and a skull deformity. The Dairy Shorthorn is a British breed of dairy cattle.It developed from the Shorthorn, which itself came from County Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire in north eastern England.. Although the Shorthorn cattle breed was developed as a dual purpose animal, but certain blood lines within this breed always emphasized one quality or the another (either milk or meat).

Goat This two separate breeds are the Milking Shorthorn and the Beef Shorthorn. The Shorthorn Society of United Kingdom and Ireland breed history, Beginnings of New Zealand’s dairy industry,, Shorthorn Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland,, Cattle breeds originating in the United Kingdom, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 February 2020, at 21:40.
Red and white coat colour genes in purebred Milking Shorthorns are co-dominant, resulting in the roan coloration and unique colour patterns seen in the breed. Photo and info from Wikipedia.

The Shorthorn was developed during the last quarter of the 18th century through selective breeding of local cattle of the Teeswater district, Durham county, in the north of England.
In November of 2003 the ASA Genetic Defect Protocol was approved providing guidelines for reporting affected calves or submitting them for testing.

The same policy was amended in August 2005, this time with policy requirements on breeding animals. A strong masculine head with broad muzzle, with teeth making good contact with the palate and showing no signs of undershot or overshot jaw, A strong neck and broad shoulders with clean brisket, A good body depth and spring of rib with underside running parallel to long, firm topline, The rump should be long, wide and square on top, with a slight slope from hooks to pins, From the plates, a wide, firm fleshed first thigh following down through a deep, well rounded second thigh to a well filled deep flank, The testicles should be of uniform size and consistency, suspended equally and not twisted, The circumference of the testicles should be at least: 32 cm for bulls aged 12-18 months, 34 cm for bulls 18-24 months, and 35 cm for bulls over 24 months, The size of the testicles is directly related to the fertility of the bull, The legs should show a degree of angle at the hock and pasterns, but should not be too straight or too sickled, Feet should have a good depth of heel and, when walking, the rear legs should follow straight behind the forelegs, The head should be feminine with bright, clear and alert eyes and a wide muzzle, with teeth making contact with the palate, and showing no signs of undershot or overshot jaw, The neck should blend neatly into the shoulders with a good width to the chest, and a neat, clean brisket flowing into a level underline with no extended gut, A deep body with a good spring of rib is desirable to give plenty of rumen capacity, The top line from the shoulders to the hook bones should be long and straight, with a slight slope from the hook bones to the pin bones - and plenty of width between the pin bones to provide ease of calving, From the plates, a natural width of firm fleshed first thigh following down through a deep second thigh to a level flank, with good udder attachment and medium-sized, square teat placement, The legs should show a degree of angle at the hock and at the pastern, but should not be too straight or too sickled, Feet should have good depth of heel and, when walking, the rear legs should follow straight behind the forelegs, The Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society (Head Office)The Old Dairy and Ten StallLamport Manor, Old Road, LamportNorthamptonshire NN6 9HF, UK, T: 01604 698060E:, The Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society (Registrations)Society Pavilion, Avenue MStoneleigh Park, KenilworthWarwickshire CV8 2RG, UK, T: 02477 103406 (Answer phone only)E:, Registered office: Chapelshade House, 78-84 Bell Street, Dundee DD1 1RQCompany number SC019414 | Scottish charity number SC010218 | Patron: Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal. Shorthorns can be successfully crossed with any other dairy breed to quickly incorporate the Dairy Shorthorn-related grazing traits.

Rabbit They have great longevity, and this feature helps the farmers not to worry about the cost of head replacements.

The efforts of the American Shorthorn Association began in 1999, when the first affected calves were provided for research.


American Shorthorn Association Launches Locally Raised Beef Program Shorthorn breeders unite to promote fresh, quality beef to consumers.

The bulls offered in this catalogue include Pure Shorthorns, Blended Shorthorns — both Dairy and Beef, as well as other red breeds. Shorthorn cattle were developed as a dual purpose animal.

However, read more information about this important English cattle breed below. Drying off period for around 60 days before she can calve again.

The Shorthorn cattle are very well adapted to a wide range of climatic conditions. There are some specific strains however, currently containing two serious genetic defects.

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