It has been distilled as early as the 18th century and is associated with Kentucky where the name originated from. Produced exclusively in Tennessee this whiskey is a close cousin of bourbon that also must be made with a minimum of 51% corn.

Kari. What an interesting breakdown of the different types!

Experts recommend enjoying whiskey at room temperature as cooling it numbs the flavors slightly. With the rise of the craft cocktail bar, the popularity of this classic liquor is reaching far beyond the country club. Very interesting article. When the maker mentions that rye is used generously in the finishing of the whisky, it will usually have a nice spicier bite. Japanese whiskies are reminiscent of the Scottish Lowland and Speyside style.

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Rye – By definition rye whiskey must be at least partially composed of rye mash and distilled to no more than 80 percent alcohol by volume. A bit of smokiness from being barreled in charred oak. In Ireland, grain whiskey refers to a drink made from mixed mash in column stills, not just the mashing process. Just awesome and so attractive. Whisky (or whiskey)[1] is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Smooth and less sweet than bourbon. There are over 20 countries producing their own whiskey. In the 20th century, whiskey production increased since it was the only alcohol that the population could buy during the Prohibition era. The different grains used to make whiskey include wheat, rye, corn, and barley. Things to Consider: There are only 3 working distilleries in Ireland, however each of them make multiple spirits. Aging is only done for at most a period of six months during which the whiskey is expected to take on the flavor and color of the barrel. India, Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, and New Zealand are just a few of the many.

The Whiskey Rebellion started in Pennsylvania in 1794 due to the heavy tax placed on whiskey.

Regulations ensure that no bourbon is distilled with less than an 80% alcohol content (160 proof) and is aged for at least two years in a charred barrel before being bottled. It is aged for at least two years in new charred oak barrels that are proofed with 80% alcohol content. For example there is the Midleton distillery which makes Redbreast, Midleton, Paddy, Powers, and Jameson and all of their individual brands variations. Scotland actually manufactures 4 barrels for every person living in the region and has over 20 million barrels maturing at this very second. Tennessee whiskey – tastes kinda like bourbon. Irish whiskey has an equally long (if not longer) and turbulent history as Scotch. If you care as much about your whiskey as we do, you probably feel the same about your barware. Rye whiskey usually includes two main whiskey types: American rye whiskey and Canadian rye whiskey. You just made my day! It is made using three key ingredients; Grains (malted barley, rye, wheat or corn), Water and Yeast. It is made in a single pot still and is slightly similar to single malt whiskey except for the addition of unmalted barley into the mash. Great question.

If they are labeled as a specific grain type, such as malt or wheat, then it must be made up of at least 51% of a straight whiskey of that type. Other than the three major different types of Whiskey or whisky, Japan, Canada, Australia and India are also well-known for producing the spirit. Things to Consider: Different from US rye whiskies – in Canada rye doesn’t have to be the dominant grain used and is often mostly used in the flavoring whisky portion of the bottling. Each country has its own set of regulations for producing their whiskies. American whiskey is a broad category of whiskey with minimal requirements and many forms (bourbon, rye, malt, etc). Often it is mixed with other whisky casks to achieve suitable flavor. Neat – Most whiskey connoisseurs will recommend at least taking your first sip neat, meaning served alone, unmixed and not chilled. Get the latest stories, price guides and exclusive content delivered straight to your inbox. Drinking whiskey has long been seen as a pastime of men in suits, but the tides are changing. The second becomes a curiosity.

It was even the focus of the American government’s first major crisis during the Whiskey Rebellion. After converting the sugars to alcohol, whiskey making deviates from beer making and goes through various distillation processes, dependent on which type of whiskey it is. Surprisingly unlike Scotch Whisky and Irish Whisky, Bourbon Whiskey or American Whiskey has no specified aging period. Mountain Dew was initially designed as a chaser for whiskey. Bourbon – Whiskey must be made of 51 percent corn mash to classify as bourbon.

Scotch is a beverage with strong character and even the sweeter styles don’t have the same sweetness of bourbon to mellow that out.

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