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You groan about their three different alphabets. Adam Hoss is a writer and immature linguist from Cleveland, Ohio. You think it's silly that bridges and sidewalks have to be designated male or female. We send it out once a month and you can opt out anytime. Bonus point? Every language has them. Who came up with making the "colo" in colonel pronounce like "ker"? Titmouse comes from the words, tit, meaning something small; and some variation of the word mouse.

As a writer and image editor for Bored Panda, Giedrė crafts posts on many different topics to push them to their potential. Rotokas (spoken in Papua New Guinea) has the shortest alphabet (12 letters). This word is defined as some tricky or questionable conduct or practices; mischievous or high-spirited acts or activities; a deceitful trick, especially used for an underhanded purpose.

Ah oui, c' est comme ca pour les francais... Gh, however, is never pronounced as F at the beginning of a word. Also: read (rid) → present tense; read (red) → past tense. Up in the sky! And there are practical benefits too: imagine being able to talk easily from across a plaza or at a crowded concert, or even with your mouth full! In Sinhalese, the word ayubowan means good morning, good afternoon, good evening, goodnight and goodbye. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world with 1.2 billion speakers – 1 billion of whom speak Mandarin. and it makes a whole different sentence every time, They should have said “I slit a sheet, a sheet I slit. 19. Language Services Ltd is a professional language services provider offering high quality, accurate translations. She's also glad that her Bachelor’s degree in English Philology didn’t go to waste (although collecting dust in the attic could also be considered an achievement of aesthetic value!)

Heck, we even have two of them.

27. Yeah, you get it! This word was mentioned in a cast and crew interview of the famous TV hit show loved by many fans all over the world – Friends. Make them seem as dumb as the rest of us by clicking the Facebook 'share' button. Just listen to this: It sounds like Chinese spoken through bubblegum and ping pong balls. You are now subscribed. It is a requirement for astronauts to have a working knowledge of Russian. This word definitely sounds British. It only takes a minute to sign up. The hunter then runs toward the direction the rabbit retreats to. The Bored Panda iOS app is live! It can also be attributed to another form of the Middle English word, gigge or gige, which means a squeaking sound. soviet is from the verb sovietovat which means 'to advise', You're right, but not exactly - you don't need to take it back to sovetovat'. Perhaps one of the funniest words in this list, shenanigans is a word that anyone could learn to love. Thankfully, it’s actually really easy (and fun!) These are Western words now incorporated into everyday language – think apo (appointment), arubui (RV), baiku (bike) – and often seem so appropriate you’re bound to get a kick out of using them! What the heck? an aweful beach, to my understanding is one that you do not want to visit, while you definitely want to hand out on an awefully great beach. This word is defined as hubbub, commotion, or uproar.

The first part, bumber, could have come from the first part of the word umbrella, umbre-; and the second part, -shoot, from the last part of the word parachute, -chute.

), One chapter per page, great for your bathroom library.

Around 50% of English words come from French.

Cracked is published by Literally media Ltd.. Your account is not active. In spanish we don't say ananas, we say piña. But it is one funny word! So by the time you, as a new speaker, figure out how to tell this bastard to stop fogging up the car with butt, everybody has long since died from methane poisoning. Lacking a brain. OK. Archi, an indigenous language spoken in southwest Russia, has 1,502,839 verb endings.

Also, like Archi, Tuyuca has a large catalog of verb modifiers. You flicked my nipple!”. “Don’t try to discombobulate me with your fancy Harvard words!” “I don’t understand, it’s discombobulating!” “I… am… discombobulated.” 10 Funniest Words In The English Language. “I’ve had just about enough of your shenanigans! And then, just for the hell of it, the Pawnee decided the best thing to call a barbershop was an iririiraktahkictapiriwu. Technical Sergeant Malarkey was a WWII war hero portrayed by actor Scott Grimes. When learning Japanese, you’ll be struck by its garaigo (borrowed words) usually written in the “katakana” character system. The word ‘buffalo’ can refer to the animal, a city in New York and mean ‘to bully’. It has traces of Irish, Spanish, and French origins. 12.

Just don’t try to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with nothing but a bumbershoot with you.

This word is defined as weary; exhausted. Here are the words, described as only 'Dr. The peculiarities of … Chinese is a tonal language (in its case, with four tones), meaning that a single sound can be pronounced in four different ways – yep, with four different meanings! 17. There is no written record of the origin of the word discombobulate. 21. The good thing is, the more weird languages you learn, you more you appreciate if you come across languages that lack the irregularities where you expected them from experience. ! Let's keep in touch and we'll send more your way. isuaneye/iStock/Getty ImagesThe words for "Alex Jones" and "Daily Mail" are the same as the word for "total bullshit, you moron." Stephanie Swartz/iStock/Getty ImagesOr like German. Brouhaha! The modern language is a variation of the one used by the indigenous Africans who once populated the islands. There is one good source, though. 22. 1st February 2018. And while speakers of English and other European languages grapple over a mere 26 letters, !Xóõ, by some counts, has 122 consonants alone. Giggle is a word that should definitely be on this list. You wouldn't be, because you'd be being LED, Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Wabbit means exhausted, tired, or weary. To buy something already promised to someone else. In a contrary or counterclockwise direction.

The word actually traces back to an anti-semitic French word of the same spelling and means cry of the devil disguised as clergy. Maybe the Malarkeys were well known for telling tall tales. You're almost done. The English language has three different verb endings. Well, to make a bigger mess of this funny word, brouhaha actually also means hullabaloo. You can change your preferences.

Like Pawnee, it's polysynthetic, so it's made up of elaborate words created by sticking smaller word fragments together -- for example, hóabãsiriga ("I do not know how to write"). Good luck. Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app!

A titmouse looks nothing like a mouse.

What are you giggling about?”. Some dictionaries don’t even have wabbit in their list. We respect your privacy. In English class, we had to read jokes from a magazine. This word is defined as laughing with continual tiny, little catches of the breath; or to utter with a giggle. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username.

Aspirator is a type of mask in English We happy that they did not use emoticon precursors.

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