Finally, the islands of the Caribbean have been grouped together under a single West Indies heading, with the exception of the large islands of Cuba, Haiti/Dominican Republic and Jamaica, which have their own entries. Another 248 died from injuries, drowning or hypothermia along with 56 crew. Such duplicates were written out again by hand (not produced using carbon paper). The sea departure cards are not linked to corresponding passenger lists (where they exist), and so you may be returned two results for the same person on the same voyage. In many cases, the country is self-evident, i.e., Boston is of course in USA, Melbourne in Australia and so on. For example, in the 1890s passenger lists the city known as Jakarta was generally referred to as Batavia, so if you select the destination country Indonesia you will find that we have joined together these two names as Jakarta (Batavia) in the dropdown list of ports. Many of these souvenir passenger lists have disappeared over the years. Finally, there is the summary section, which gives statistical detail on the number of passengers and usually a signature and stamp from the Board of Trade (BT), to which the list was sent by the shipping line. A typical passenger list can be divided into three parts. (Note – Photo is from World War I when Erinpura was a hospital ship. The Azores, the Canaries and Madeira are given their own identities within the destination country list. In theory if not in practice, there are no domestic British or purely European voyages in BT27, and no lists for Merchant or Royal Naval vessels or for troop ships. The passenger lists in BT27 include long-haul voyages to destinations outside Britain and Europe. The three parts of a list may be on a single page or spread over two or more pages. Ships built for passenger service already contained many of the features needed for troop carrying. River ports on such navigable rivers as the Amazon and the Yukon mean that, for example, inland locations such as Manaus (Brazil) and Dawson City (Canada) are included. For example, if there are no sailings from Ramsgate in Kent, there is no point in a researcher typing Ramsgate in a search field. These ships' names have also been standardised, i.e., Munchen/Muenchen is listed under Munchen only. There are at least 3 sailings where the ship's manifest states the number of aliens that sailed but the actual passenger list is missing, . As well as searching for your ancestors in the passenger lists by their name it is also possible to browse by ship. The wildcard is denoted by a * and can be used in both the first name and the last name search fields. In each case, viewing the image of the passenger list will reveal the exact term used and the precise destination of the passenger. While countries such as Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa and USA feature strongly, all continents are covered and you will find passengers on ships sailing to all parts of Asia, the Caribbean, South America and West Africa, even to remotest oceanic islands such as South Georgia Island. Ascension is included under St Helena. The easy way to obtain information from this site. However, two points need to be noted. It is important to note that wherever a voyage has one or more ports of call prior to its final destination, there may be a difference between where the ship is going and where a passenger on board is going: for instance, the ship may be sailing to Sydney, Australia but passengers may disembark at, for example, Bombay in India if that is one of the ports of call en route. There is no single, standard format. In the early decades covered by BT27, you are likely to see these places written on the actual lists as Natal (sometimes abbreviated simply to N) and Algoa Bay (often shown as A Bay). This means that you are likely to find what initially appear to be discrepancies when you click through to the image of the passenger list. For example, if you search for William Lancaster and you type in William Lan*, your search will return a list of results that include names such as William Lane or William Landau - as well as William Lancaster. For these two reasons, we use a default +/- 2 years when you search by year of birth.

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